The Endless Run: Life

A poem by Aparna Mukherji

From morning to night

You run endlessly

To earn bread and butter

In the process of running the race,

You forget that your dreams are shattered.

Do not let your dreams die

Do not say your dreams goodbye

With fresh day and a new morning Sun

Make your dreams come alive

Weave new hopes and dreams again

Enjoy the glorious days

Live each day with excitement and fun.

Sow hopes of seeds

Nurture the hope of plant with love and care

To reap the fruits of success

Sooner or later

Do not halt or stop in life

If you get tired

Give your body a rest

Get up again with enthusiasm

To pass life’s test

With flying colours

Keep running in life

Till your last breath

Dodge life’s curvy balls

Enjoy the birds’ chirping sounds

Unwind and enjoy little

Happiness which you get around.

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Aparna Mukherji
In a few words, Aparna defines a woman who beholds high aspirations and firmly believes in expanding her horizon. She holds a Master's degree in English from Mumbai University. By profession, she is an online Senior Content Writer and Blogger who writes informative articles for various Indian, UK, and US blogs and websites. Her poems got published in the digital Reflection Magazine and on the Indian literature website named Facestory' She is a budding author too. Her first story on romantic themes got published in a book named "Memoirs Of Love". Her second story in another anthology will be published soon. As a person, she is open-minded, down-to-earth, and amiable in nature. Her world revolves around creativity. She wishes to make her mark in the literary world, hoping to leave an indelible imprint on her readers' minds.