The Invincible Power Lies In Her – Poem by Aparna Mukherjee

From the image of clay,
Comes out the incredible portray,
Of a radiant face and bright eyes,
With a vibrant glorious smile.

She is Goddess Durga,
She is the creator and destructor,
All the power of the universe lies in her,
To her children on earth,
She bestows all her love and care.

She eradicates the demon of negativity,
Blesses all, her sublime divine beauty,
On earth when steps she,
Takes care of all her devotee.

Echoes the sounds of temple bells,
There lightens up the candle flames,
Everyone showers flowers on Her feet,
When our Mother takes Her golden seat.

Chants of sacred words,
can be heard all around,
Songs in Her praise,
Everywhere surrounds.

With her ferocious looks, She appears,
Riding on Her lion, with weapons in Her arms,
She comes to put an end to the tormentors,
With her invincible power,
She extirpates all fear.

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Photo by Soumik Dey on Unsplash

The poem was first published in Storizen Magazine October 2018 Issue.

Written by Aparna Mukherjee.