The Power of Trying

Imagine life minus trying – we would have been still ape-men living in caves!!! chiseling with stones and chasing a hunt? From bullock cart to spaceship, from carving on stones to AI assimilation, from leaf to trendy clothes, are a few of the countless blessings of the power of trying.

A trait of Trying out is not proprietary for inventors, but it is for all. It’s a zeal to know more, discover, explore, and adapt to a new change. The reward is, it sharpens your intellect with gradual percolation of rationality within you. You cease to see the world in a limited frame of black & white. And start understanding the various shades of greys in life that expand your horizon of perceiving the world around you.

It’s a misbelief that the significance of trying dilutes with contended life and, often mistaken as poison Ivy for a stable life. When our thoughts sync with this misconception, we create a bubble of inertia to live in a time-tested environment and get stuck with it.

The way to restart the flow is to constantly nudge our inert habits and lifestyle to create ripples in our routine life.

It’s a commonly shared story, a clogged mindset, etches out monotony and, we end up doing the same things every day for the most part of our life.

Albert Einstein has given us a wonderful equation for Endless Energy: E=MC2.

The simile of this equation as applied on Power of trying is-

 Energetic life = Trying * Curiosity2


-Why do we hesitate to Try-

Let’s be honest!!! How many of us keep trying new things every day or in a week or a month? When was the last time you tried breaking out of the shackle of routine life or challenged yourself for a new change?.

As kids, our parents always pep us up to keep attempting new things. But as grownups, our levels of curiosity to strive for more begins to take a downward lane. The Burden of responsibilities and the fear of risk attached to them limits our learning zeal. 

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We live with this trepidation- What if we try and fail? What if our decisions do not meet the set expectations? What will other people think? What if I do not like the new norms? What If ..and the apprehensions continue.  

The maze of What If? entangles our mindset and makes us adapt an acquiescent behavioral pattern in life. 

Take out a moment to think about what you’re missing by not trying for a new change. Let go of your apprehensions in pursuit of keenness to learn more.

-What are the benefits of trying-

# Enliven your life

A constant change in life is a fresh fragrance of breeze that reinvigorate our routine life and re-energizes us. It helps us develop resilience, as every time we explore, we learn more about our capabilities, weaknesses, and strengths. 

Your resilient nature gradually assists in turning challenging situations to your advantage with ease. The whole process each time elevate your personality and bring more closer to real YOU. 

Experimenting for new changes is not necessarily be as difficult as taking an Ice bucket challenge in cold winters. Taking up elementary things like new hobbies, upscaling skills, setting a new vision are some of the many options you can Pick & Choose. Gardening to doodling, learning basic to new technologies, traveling to mindfulness, the list is countless.


# Channelizes your Thoughts

As wisely said by Einstein- Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Similarly, to mobilize your thoughts you should continue learning as it stimulates your creativity, intelligence, and confidence.

Every single time you engage in a new situation, your brain will activate new sets of skills to adapt to it and revitalize you.   

We all must be well aware of how Dhirubhai Ambani, Henry Ford kept their thought process channelized despite many failures to emerge as winners. Even after emerging as winners their passion for exploring more and more never came to an end.

Adding continuous flavors in life is a key to a perfect fusion of mind & soul. 

# Uplifts your Self-esteem  

By continuously trying, you put forward your unexposed strength and capabilities that enhance your self-confidence. You learn to believe in yourself to handle the situations as a challenge and not as a threat.

Avani Lekhara, Sumit Antil the gold medallists Paralympians, and Laxmi Agarwal, an acid victim, never allowed their adverse circumstances to hamper their spirit of trying. 

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They cast off all the negative thoughts that coerced them to compromise in life and live- in desolation. They believe in themselves, and the passion to outshine others set them continually on a remarkable path of trying to achieve.

What I Think Of myself is a prominent influencer of all your actions. Mold it out positively. 

You cannot come out of any circumstances with the same thought process you had when you entered it. The intensity to try out to change is the only way out. 

Keep trying and embrace failures as they are the stepping stones to success. The power of trying new things does not come with expiration dates. So, keep learning, exploring to enrich your well-being. The power of trying is helping me to live life on my terms. How is it helping you?. Please do share.

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Ankur R. Gupta
Former Human Resource personnel, now a Certified Content Creator, Blogger & Author. My work is extensively inspired by a famous saying - if you're looking out for someone to bring change in your life, look into the Mirror. You're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me. I firmly believe in you're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me.