Unseen Dimensions Behind your Smile

We all understand the relevance of your smile in your life. What’s the reason behind your smile? A real smile reflects joy within you, no two opinions about it. However, if I say that a smile that is pretentious/fake can also add-on to your well-being, and sometimes these smiles work as goodness cookies that balance out your positivism even in adverse stages of life. I am sure your first reaction will be a visible chuckle in denial!!…..but trust me it’s true.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk, well describes the unseen dimension behind your smile. He states that your joy is the source of your real beam, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy…and this part of the smile that sources out joy are the unseen side of pretentious smile …wondering HOW?

Well, it’s nicely narrated by our hormonal anatomy, an essential character playing a part in our body chemistry. Let’s open a stage for this character to introduce – 

So, friends fake it till you feel it as it could boost up your mood when you’re feeling down. Here we’re not patronizing the pretentious smile over the real one. The real beam and its benefits are irreplaceable. Just suggesting a few ways of smiling when the real one seems far-fetched.

Well, as mentioned before, the darker side of a fake smile is a pool of deceitful and sarcastic expressions. That undoubtedly adds up to a negative aura. So, bypass them. Flip yourself to the brighter side of it that will sail you and others towards positivism. So, what are these unseen dimensions? 

Everyone must have watched a Netflix documentary “The 14 peaks: Nothing is Impossible” if missed, go watch it. It’s a real-time story of a ferocious Nepalese mountaineer, Nirmal Purja, who climbed 8000ft above 14 peaks at a record-breaking speed of just seven months.

At one point in his expedition, he started losing his confidence to achieve. He was a worried soul. But he decided to keep a pretentious smile on his face intact in front of his teammates.

woman in black spaghetti strap top smiling
Image Source – Unsplash

He was aware that any form of grim expression on his face could pull down the morale of the team that was passionately working to achieve his dreams. So, here a pretended beam came to his rescue. It not only balanced the tempo of the teammates but Nirmal Purja too. 

The fake crescent set his brain releasing, the happy hormones that relaxed him and paved the way for him to revitalize his energies & strategies on the right track. The outcome was gradually his pretended beam converted into a real one (basic theory of fake it till you feel it! came true here.)

Like this valiant mountaineer, many of us face a similar situation at our respective workplaces or homes too. However, the intensity of hardships and circumstances varies. But the basic rule remains the same for all.

Overcome these tense moments by forging a smile to keep up the spirit of your teammates or people around whom you care for and prominently you. In end, Nirmal Purja’s faith in pretentious smiles has paved a way for his unparallel feat in history. 

Remember! A smile keeps the elements of sadness and stress in hibernated form. Smiling in trouble and gathering strength from distress reflect the best out of you and build upon your resilience.

The outstanding positive attitude of our doctors facing the deadly situation of Corona Virus with a smile gave Hope & power to fight many of us. So, in nutshell, any form of smile which gives hope is contagious in a good way. 

Remember! A friendly/reassuring/ motivating/understanding behind your smile that may not be real but all masked up still can keep a spark of positivity alive in you and others. 

However, pretentious/fake smiles should not be an indispensable part of your behavioral pattern. This smile is a mere tool to uplift your moods. But if you think it will provide you a solution without you trying for one that won’t happen.

Moreover, considering the pretentious smile as an escape route or miracle from all problems will leave you in more grimmest circumstances. 

Remember! any form of smile is the open window of an opportunity to turn the situation and circumstances in your favor. So, when things are difficult, beam by force. Don’t wait until you feel better.

A pretentious smile is generally associated with negativism. However there are a few unseen dimensions of this smile that gives a new meaning to our life..what are they is my new blog all about.

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Ankur R. Gupta
Former Human Resource personnel, now a Certified Content Creator, Blogger & Author. My work is extensively inspired by a famous saying - if you're looking out for someone to bring change in your life, look into the Mirror. You're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me. I firmly believe in you're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me.