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A Motivational Story by Madhusudhanan S

Ravi, a family man works as an analyst for a well-reputed company in a Capital City. He was living with his father, mother, and wife. He was a very good man and was leading a simple life. Ravi was very workaholic and has a good reputation in his office. Suddenly, as a storm comes after calm, he started facing many problems personally and professionally. He was so worried and annoyed with himself. His family was also worried about what happened to him and why he is behaving in such erratic ways these days.

He was so stressed out that he couldn’t even figure out what he is doing with his life. One day, in his office, there was an important meeting with the clients, and he made a presentation. Once, the meeting was over, after the clients went his boss called him to his cabin and said

“Ravi, the client was not at all pleased with the presentation, and they said they have to reconsider their deal with us”

He further said to him that:

“What happened to you, Ravi? You’re an asset to this firm; I have been noticing that something is bothering you for a long time now. Have you ever noticed what are you doing these days? I think you need a break, so go home now and take a break for a few days. I need you back only when you’re good enough to handle yourself.”

Ravi was startled, stunned, and was almost in tears. He had huge respect and faith in his boss’s words. So, he quietly left for home. Once, he reached home — his parents and wife asked what happen to him and why he is so devastated? He told them what has happened in the office. His parents and wife said we have been telling you for all these days, but, you were not listening to us. So, now you got to know it from your office too. His father said

Son, whatever happened has happened for your own good. Even now, it’s not too late trying to figure out what went wrong or what’s bothering you before it’s too late”

Ravi couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. So, Ravi decided to leave home for a few days and said the same to his family. His family happily agreed to it and said to take good care of him and come back soon. He left home to the countryside where his teacher/mentor stays.

The Mentor was very happy to see his student coming to visit him all the way and gave him a warm welcome. It didn’t take much time for his mentor to figure out that something is bothering him or something was wrong with Ravi, and he is here to know/ understand the same.

man talking to his mentor a motivational story

But, his mentor didn’t ask him anything for the first few days. They went for a silent walk around the country riverside every day. His mentor took him to certain beautiful places and made him spend some time with nature. After a few days, his mentor asked him to fetch some water from the river for his plants by giving him a very dirty pot that had a hole at the bottom.

Ravi went to fetch the water noticing how dirty the pot is and without noticing that it was also broken at the bottom. He fetched the water for the first time and realized there is a hole at the bottom when he was about to water the plants. So he again went to fetch the water, and he covered up the portion with his hand where there is a hole and watered it to the plants. Now his mentor asked him

Mentor:  “Ravi, what did you notice while watering the plants?”

      Ravi:  “Sir, I have noticed that pot was very dirty, and it has a hole at the bottom”    

Mentor:  “Ravi, have you noticed both the things in the very first view or only later?”

      Ravi:  “I noticed the dirt in the pot in the first view but didn’t notice the hole till I came to water the plant”

Mentor:  “Why so, you could’ve easily figured it while fetching the  water”

      Ravi:  “I didn’t notice it there Sir.”

Mentor:  “Exactly, so what you noticed now?”

       Ravi:  “That the Pot had a hole in the bottom”

 Mentor:  “What happened to the dirt now?

       Ravi:  “It’s been washed with the water while fetching Sir.”

 Mentor:  “Good, so dirt is gone by cleaning it with water. You have noticed the hole at the bottom and covered it up with your hand to water the plants right?

      Ravi:   “True, Sir!

Mentor:  “That’s what life is also about. You got to cleanse yourself often in a stressful life by making yourself relaxed and having fun. The cleansing of the mind is always essential. Do the things that you love most. Every day spend some time with nature. It has the ability to heal. You don’t need to cover up your weakness, but concentrate on your strength and improve it further” And “Now, tell me, what happened to your first pot of water?

       Ravi:  “Those are wasted, Sir”

 Mentor:  “Smiled and showed him the places where water had fallen. See here, it is not wasted, but it’s been watered to other plants on the way. Ravi, at times, what one notices, the others may not.”

               “In the same way, all your efforts and hard work will not go to waste. Nature has its own way to reward your hard work it will come to you in one form or the other. Now, tell me have you got your answers or still something is bothering you.”

Ravi was literally in tears holding his mentor’s hand and thanked him for showing the light. He now, realizes what was bothering him and why he has been behaving like this!! He spent a few more days with his mentor. Before he was leaving his mentor, his mentor said

Mentor: “Ravi, remember the lessons you have learned and never forget. Ask yourself what are you looking for? Peaceful & happy life or Frustrated & agony life! Live life as it comes, in that way you will be always happy and contented.”

Ravi nodded his head as a sign of acceptance to the mentor’s word that he had learned his lesson and he left his mentor happily to home. He reached home and everyone was happy to see him back. They noticed that he is back with his old vigor and renewed man.

man looking sideways

He joined his office and his boss saw his happy face and happily welcomed him back to the office. His boss gave him the same task of presenting to the same client, as the boss somehow managed to hold them back till Ravi came. Ravi made the presentation to the same client and this time client was very happy with the project. His company bagged million dollars deal.

His boss was very happy and awarded him a promotion, which was due for a long time. Though he got his promotion now, for which he was waiting for, it didn’t bring him more joy; as he was completely poised now. Ravi is now leading a happy and contented life and nothing ever bothers him, as he has learned the lesson that he was looking for.               

~ The End~

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