In the modern days when the world is going digital, readership can’t take a backseat. It is an important part for an author to be present online for the readers. Otherwise, with a short attention span which humans have, you are risking yourself to be forgotten!

There is a goal attached to doing something productive. So, if you are growing up digitally, it is about getting attention, getting more followers which in turn leads to the increased readership. It also means, increased sales for your books right?

So yes, the digital presence is an integral part of any author’s writing journey. But, taking out time from your busy schedule to be always online can drive you nuts. You may either be not able to write your next bestseller or may not be able to make your future, potential readers happy.

Don’t fret! We are going to share the tips for you so that you can build your online presence without the overwhelm. Read on…

1. Don’t fall for the frequency trap

This is something one always gets trapped very easily. You keep checking on other author’s social accounts and see that they are posting multiple times in a day. You start following their footsteps. After a few days, you burn out or you are out of ideas.

Keep this in mind: your time is valuable to you. Go at your own pace. It’s not needed to post multiple times a day only to lose your senses at the end. Post once daily but make sure to follow the consistency pattern.

Social media can look like an endless cave. You have to find your own light in the darkness. This can only be done when you are in your senses and not by randomly posting. Set a number for yourself based on your comfort levels and which you can easily follow.

2. Hold that urge to be present everywhere

You want to become popular, you are popular. But, you are also human. You can’t be present everywhere, every time. Likewise, you cannot rock on all the social media platforms.

For example, you can get a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, but not on Instagram. It’s all in the game of how active you are and on which platform. If you are more active on Twitter and your posts appeal more to them, then you will surely rock Twitter!

If you are a newbie and want to be a part of this wide universe, it’s better to start off with a few of the social platforms and give them a try. This way, you will get a taste of how it works before making that big leap.

So choose wisely and again following the point number one above, choose the right platform on which you can post comfortably and consistently.

3. Play with tools

With the advent of social media as an important marketing strategy, there are various tools that can make your work easier. Yes, you can plan your posts ahead of time and choose when to schedule them and where.

Popular tools like Buffer, Hootsuite allow you to plan your social media posts in advance. Not only this, but they can also tell you the reachability so that you can optimize your posts accordingly.

A major plus point is, most of the tools are free to use. They do have premium plans available but you can do most of your work with the free plans.

4. Make a conversation routine and stick to it

Nobody wants to follow a dead profile. Besides a regular, consistent posting routine, you have to set aside a time to reply to your followers. It can be through messages, emails, comments, etc.

Keeping this routine will serve two purposes – one is that you will be actively engaged with your audience and two: you will not go crazy as you have already set a schedule to get the engagement going on.

Conversing with your readers is as important as posting actively on social media platforms. So make sure that you don’t miss it out while keeping your sanity intact.

Are you using social media to engage with your readers? We would love to know more about the practices you follow and how other authors can do the same without going nuts! Comment below and join the discussion.

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