Book Review: ‘2024: India in Free Fall’ by Sanjay Jha

A Call to Confront India's Challenges and Reclaim Its Values.

Book Title: 2024: India in Free Fall
Author: Sanjay Jha
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-9356998896
Date Published: Feb. 20, 2024
Price: INR 435

2024 India in Free Fall by Sanjay Jha Book Cover

Book Review

2024: India in Free Fall,” by former Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha, confronts pressing issues gripping the nation, including the marginalization of Muslim minorities and the erosion of citizen rights and the judiciary. As the General Elections approach, Jha sheds light on the mainstream media’s failure to address these critical concerns, underscoring the importance of books like his in keeping these issues at the forefront of public discourse.

Against the backdrop of the Election Commission’s announcement of the Lok Sabha elections starting on April 19 and spanning seven phases, with results expected on June 4, the timing of reading this book adds an extra layer of excitement. With the elections scheduled for April and May, alongside Assembly elections in four states, the political landscape is charged as the NDA government vies for a third term while the opposition seeks to challenge its track record.

Jha, a self-proclaimed “Congressi by DNA,” reflects on his upbringing in India, a nation loyal to Nehruvian ideals of secularism and liberalism. He analyses destabilizing factors like COVID-19, economic woes, and unemployment. Jha criticizes the Congress Party’s leadership style and reluctance to take a decisive stance on issues. He calls for a reevaluation of political practices and values. The narrative is one of disappointment and bitterness, reflecting lost opportunities and the nation’s decline on global indices. “2024” is a crucial read for those concerned about India’s trajectory, with insightful analysis and candid reflections.

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2024: India in Free Fall” is a compelling read for anyone concerned about the current state and future trajectory of India. Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a political observer, or simply interested in understanding the complexities of Indian politics and society, this book offers valuable insights into the nation’s urgent issues. From the erosion of democratic values to the challenges of economic development and social justice, Sanjay Jha’s analysis provides a thought-provoking exploration of India’s most pressing concerns. Whether you’re a seasoned political analyst or a casual reader, “2024” invites you to engage with the issues shaping India’s future.

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