Book Review: ‘7 Chakras of Management’ by Ashutosh Garg

Ancient wisdom for contemporary business triumph

Book Title: 7 Chakras of Management: Wisdom From Indic Scriptures
Author: Ashutosh Garg
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-9361569555
Date Published: Mar. 1, 2024
Price: INR 495

7 Chakras of Management by Ashutosh Garg Book Cover

Book Review

Recognizing the link between personal and professional well-being is more important in today’s competitive corporate environment. Ancient wisdom has unique ideas that may be applied to contemporary organisational methods. In “7 Chakras of Management: Wisdom From Indic Scriptures,” Ashutosh Garg, a renowned management expert and popular book, draws analogies between our bodies’ seven energy centres, known as chakras, and the vital components of successful business organisations. Similar to how chakras are important for our physical and mental health, these organisational chakras are critical for corporate success, wealth, and harmony.

The book explores the seven chakras, which are essential for organisational management. The root chakra symbolises stability, while the sacral chakra promotes social integration and creativity. The Solar Plexus Chakra influences decision-making and confidence. The heart chakra promotes emotional intelligence and compassion. The Throat Chakra facilitates communication and stakeholder engagement. The Crown Chakra emphasises universal consciousness. To achieve chakra balance, meditation, workshops, and team-building activities can be implemented. Collaboration between leadership, human resources, wellness programmes, and employees is crucial.

Part two talks about the Vedas, the foundational texts for Hinduism, that offer profound philosophical and spiritual teachings. It is then continued with the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred dialogue that teaches duty, righteousness, and spiritual liberation. The Ramayana, an epic narrative that symbolises virtue triumph and the ancient wisdom passed down through generations, offers guidance for navigating life’s challenges and attaining inner fulfilment, rooted in timeless truths and universal principles.

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Recognizing the significance and influence of the seven chakras in both our personal and professional spheres is essential for attaining fulfilment and fostering supportive workplace cultures, even within startups. The author’s writing style appears clear, concise, and articulate.

It effectively conveys the message with a professional tone while maintaining readability. The sentences flow smoothly, and the ideas are well-structured, making it easy for the reader to understand the content.

This book serves as a guide not only for staying abreast and effective in today’s work environment using time-honoured techniques but also for tapping into the energy of the chakras to accelerate the journey towards success and happiness.

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