Book Review: 9 to 5 Cubicle Tales by Harish Rijhwani


Book Title: 9 to 5 Cubicle Tales
Author: Harish C. Rijhwani

Book Title
The title of the book, ‘9 to 5 Cubicle Tales‘ is both realistic and fascinating.

Book Cover
The book is an animated sketch of a cubicle and its properties found generally in a corporate office and depicts a typical office lifestyle.

The plot begins with the death of a man, who leaves behind his wife and two children. Hridaan, the eldest child, realizes at an early age that his family is denied of his father’s wealth and success. Leaving one’s favorite city and settling down in a new area to live seems difficult. On the other hand, his mother, on the other hand, makes everything comfortable with whatever resources they have. However, Hridaan’s long-held desire to live a great life is the motivating factor that propels him onward in life despite several obstacles.


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Hridaan had no clue he would face so many challenges in his working life. Working on deadlines and hearing rejections stresses out the twenty-two-year-old programmer. However, he was not prepared to be stung by office politics, which harmed his chances of quick growth. Moving on, he is now heading on a journey with his newfound friends to discover the delightful side of the business. But, with new challenges looming daily, he fears he won’t be able to live unless he becomes creative. Can Hridaan prove his value to support his family and pursue his dreams?

Many layers of a person’s life are touched within the book, both emotionally and mentally. It is separated into 53 chapters, each with its charm, startling aspects, and well-balanced emotions. The book contains emotions, feelings, and lessons that may be learned. Author Harish’s work as a teaching faculty member aided in effectively conveying various life lessons.

What I like
1. The occurrences and situations that Hridaan faces and encounters are simple and relatable.
2. The layers of human life that emerge at each stage of Hridaan’s life.

What I didn’t like
1. The book is lengthy, having 453 pages (Kindle version). Readers who prefer to read short books may not be interested in this.
2. Despite being incredibly relevant and honestly written, fiction narrative readers may skip the book since the reader’s imagination is lacking.

All of the characters in the story have great scope and power. Every character is introduced at the appropriate moment, with an appropriate tale and strength. On the other hand, as previously said, the characters, like the plot, are full of life, excitement, and truth.

The language of the book is simple and straightforward. The novel beautifully depicts the highs and lows of a person’s life while also juggling numerous other factors.

Language & Grammar
Simple language with enough vocabulary is employed throughout the tale. The story’s everyday chores and obstacles are described in an easy-to-understand style.

Who can Read?
This book, 9 to 5 Cubicle Tales by Harish Rijhwani is suitable for all readers of fiction stories. It is also ideal for beginning readers and young people just starting out in their careers. The narrative revolves around human relationships, emotions, workplace politics, life, and the puzzles that life throws at us.

How Entertaining is the Book
The story is fascinating and contains all of the components that will keep the reader hooked on the book.

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