Book Review: A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar

A collection of 40 Indian writers’ sparkling stories!


Book Title: A Case of Indian Marvels         

Author: David Davidar  

Format: Hardcover         

Published By: Aleph Book Company

No. of pages: 408

Genre: Fiction (Collection of stories)

Book Review

My interest in Indian writers and authors augments every day! Indian fiction writers, in English or regional languages across India, are setting high standards regarding story-telling and plot. To acknowledge and laud a writer’s work is not only to hold literary festivals, functions, competitions, and awards but also to recognize the unsung talent from every nook and corner of the country. India is a vast and diversified land of traditions, cultures, and languages; many writers and authors are to be brought into the broad limelight. 

Today’s Indian writers ( fiction and non-fiction ) are yet to be celebrated largely because, somewhere, the readers are still stuck with the writers from the 1960s to 1980s. Of course, that was the Golden era of poets, writers, and authors in all the main languages, but a gap was found as the decades passed. Gen Z or people from the post-2000 era have been reading mostly the English language and probably foreign authors, precisely from the US and UK.

A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar
A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar

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Whereas the translated Japanese fiction also made its way, Indian writers that cater to the young generation were missing. Fortunately, after 2003, writers like Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Preeti Shenoy, Sudha Murthy, Ravinder Singh, and so on paved a new path in the new age of Indian writing.

Thus, new writers emerged, and Indian writing started seeing fresh work. Many independent agencies and publishing houses thus came into action, and Aleph Book Company being one, also has a huge role. All these publishing houses and their affiliates started felicitating the young writers, which was inspiring. 

This book – A Case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar, the founder of Aleph Book Company, has compiled 40 stories written in English or translated into English from many languages and is a commendable job. While I applaud David’s idea behind bringing out this book, it also takes immense pleasure to share that one of the stories by a Telugu writer Vempalle Shareef, who happens to be a good friend of mine, makes a place in this book! 

It is also important to share with the readers that Aleph Book Company has brought a series – The Greatest Short Stories Ever Told. The stories are picked up from 9 regional Indian languages. Including these 9 books, I recommend A case of Indian Marvels by David Davidar, strongly.

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