A Chilling Story – Batla House by Karnal Singh

Book Title: Batla House

Author: Karnal Singh

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

I have recently watched the Bollywood actor John Abraham acted movie, Batla House a week before reading the book. As one says, imagination is sometimes very much thrilling than a visual treat. It is proven right after reading the book. The movie and the book, based on the facts and figures, but some drama added in the film made look the whole encounter a little dramatized. It so happened that I am lucky enough to read the book. As I was reading every chapter, because I have already seen the movie, it was easy for me to identify the places, people, names, and situations. It was a surreal experience in reading the book.

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The book, written by President Police Medal awardee, Karnal Singh (1984 batch IPS officer) is a treat to the readers and lovers of non-fiction and hero tales. He also headed the Delhi Police Special Cell from the year January 2003 to December 2008. He was also a critical officer who lead the investigations of the 2008 Delhi Blasts that led to the Batla House encounter. He has dedicated this book in honor of Late Sh. Mohan Chand Sharma (Inspector) and other unsung heroes who lost their lives fighting against terrorism.

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The efforts taken in writing this book is terrific. The book is undoubtedly captivating. The book explains the chain of events that initiated the eradication of the dreaded Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist organization from India, where the conduct of politicians and all agencies is discussed in detail. There is so much that can be learned about the Indian Police, Delhi Police Department, and the Special Forces Cell that usually deals with such operations.

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The book, in detail, gives insider information about the operation. The book also very nicely depicts the frustration, anger, confidence, strength, and duty minded individual’s lives from the Police Department. Though the book comes under the non-fiction category, because of so many interlinked events, the book is as good as a fast-paced cop thriller.

What to expect from the book

In this book, author Karnal Singh narrates and explains to the readers a particular incident when following the encounter that happened in the year 2008, at the Batla House. The book in detail describes the shootout between members of Delhi Police Special Cell and Indian Mujahideen terrorists in September 2008. 

How good is the author’s writing style

The book is based on a real incident that happened in the year 2008. As there is no scope of misleading or false information to be given, the author, Karnal Singh, has stated every fact at its most faithful best. This honest writing is a recommended read by everyone in the country to understand the grit and feats a police officer has to exercise to maintain and balance harmony.

In the book, author Karnal Singh with due respect for the Policemen who worked hard on the case and to some of them who lost lives has presented this piece of work as a tribute. Instead of saying ‘ the author’s style’, the intent of writing this book is the most respectable aspect. 

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In the book, the facts and thoughts in a chronological manner without dramatization are well presented. The simple and lucid language that can be understood by a reader of any age or a non-reader who wants to know about the incident can read the book very effortlessly. The writing is so good that one can understand the detailed work an investigative or a special cell does. The footnotes explaining the not so common words and technical words are worth mentioning.

How entertaining is the book

This book by author Karnal Singh, an IPS 0fficer of Delhi Police is an excellent piece of work. The action sequences mentioned in the book are so well detailed and described that they give absolute chills. The information, facts, and figures in the book are so well accurate that every reader will be mesmerized by the action episodes in the book.

With excellent writing, the book is a must-read. It very well illustrates the valor and role of the Delhi Police and the Special Cell that worked on this case.

Final Verdict

An extremely captivating and chilling story



(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

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