Book Review: ‘A Green Day’ by Jeevesh Gupta, Chittranjan Dubey & Anandajit Goswami

Uniting Voices for Climate Action and Social Justice

Book Title: A Green Day
Author(s): Jeevesh Gupta, Chittranjan Dubey & Anandajit Goswami
Publisher: Hachette India
Number of Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-9357319751
Date Published: Apr. 28, 2024
Price: INR 323

A Green Day by Jeevesh Gupta, Chittranjan Dubey & Anandajit Goswami Book Cover

Book Review

A Green Day” is an engaging collection of perspectives on climate activism. The book is a remarkable compilation of articles, portraits, and personal experiences from environmental movements throughout the world. This book describes how campaigners from around the world convinced politicians and galvanized communities to take action in response to our planet’s deteriorating condition. These stories highlight pivotal events in the activists’ journeys, expose the terrible reality of environmental destruction, and propose practical answers to the escalating situation.

The anthology features essays by Rituraj Phukan, Anand Reddy Yellu, Karina Weinstein, Yuvan Aves, and many more that are compiled into one book by prominent environmentalists and social activists like Jeevesh Gupta, who left his corporate career to champion social change and co-founded-movements-such-as Extinction Rebellion and the Campaign for Differently Abled, highlighting the intersection of disability rights and climate activism. Chittranjan Dubey raises awareness about environmental crises in Europe and India through his work with Extinction Rebellion and the India Against Corruption Movement, adding unique global and local perspectives. Anandajit Goswami, a research fellow at the Ashoka Centre for People-centric Energy Transition, brings extensive experience from his work with TERI, WWF, and Niti Aayog, providing valuable insights into policy and advocacy, enriched by recognition from human rights and environmental groups.

These activists’ dedicated testimonies communicate their rage, anxiety, and optimism for the future. Despite the dismal circumstances, they demonstrate that there are reasons for optimism. The book highlights the need for everyone to work together to safeguard the environment.

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The book’s unique and inspiring stories show that when individuals work together, tremendous change can occur. These campaigners have had a particularly powerful effect on young people, pushing them to join the climate movement and demand action from governments and institutions. Their capacity to organize young people all across the world has helped to fuel a growing feeling of urgency and activity over climate change.

Research shows that activists’ advocacy has influenced collective efficacy beliefs, leading to increased intentions to address climate change. Their influence transcends borders and political ideologies, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. Their ability to connect with audiences worldwide through social media and public appearances has contributed to a global movement for climate action. This book provides detailed perspectives on environmental issues, inspiring young people to join the fight against climate change. The grassroots stories, such as raising forests in Assam and building ponds in Marathwada, demonstrate the power of community-driven efforts and transformative change.

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