Book Review: A Matter of the Heart: Education in India by Anurag Behar

The learning stories of the Indian education system through various experiences by Anurag Beher.


Book Title: A Matter of the Heart: Education in India
Author: Anurag Behar
Publisher: Westland Nonfiction

Book Review
Education is one of the most significant elements that add to the development of people and societies. It gives individuals the information, skills, and principles they need to thrive and contribute significantly to their communities. Education fosters critical thinking, creativity, and invention, all necessary for issue resolution and advancement in all aspects of life.

It also helps people comprehend their rights and responsibilities and respect different views and cultures. Education is the bedrock of a healthy and flourishing community and is critical for ensuring a better future for all.

A Matter of the Heart is a book that compiles all of Behar’s articles and recounts his adventures at the Azim Premji Foundation. Anurag Behar brings us to classrooms in India’s remote villages in this writings compilation. He reveals where our country stands on education and, through that perspective, the country itself.

A Matter of the Heart Education in India by Anurag Behar Book Cover
A Matter of the Heart Education in India by Anurag Behar Book Cover

He depicts an India needing improved infrastructure and one in which the right to education is constantly at odds with the need for life. But what unfolds is a heartwarming and life-affirming tale about how people and communities, energized from within, transform people’s and the nation’s lives.

Government teachers also significantly impact the development of rural and remote areas, where education may not be easily accessible. They provide quality education to children in these areas and ensure they have an equal opportunity to succeed. Furthermore, government teachers are also responsible for implementing government policies and programs related to education, which are crucial for developing the education system in India.

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The book is divided into six sections. The articles in the second section are all about what public education should be like. Each chapter contains fascinating, engaging, and riveting tales in which, despite several issues such as poor infrastructure, weathered buildings, bathrooms for female students, and so on, the system is revived with conviction, mostly in villages by the government teachers.

Although India has the world’s most significant private education sector, the author uses research to contend that “Privatopia” does not exist in any country. Regarding educational outcomes and surroundings, government schools occasionally exceed private schools. Anurag Beher’s work also emphasizes the case for what is needed to ensure the success of public education.

Nevertheless, this journey has changed Behar as a person profoundly. He cites an example. Most stories in this book are human, and the writer is a master crafter. He also travels 100 days a year to some of the most backward districts in the country. He has poured his soul into this book, which is a good read for anyone. It is a must-read for anyone mildly concerned with education. It will leave one with a heart full of hope and possibilities.

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