Book Title: Gunpoint Groom

Author: Kamini Kusum

Format: Kindle

Book Title

The title of the book ‘Gunpoint Groom‘ is mysterious and different

Book Cover

The cover image of the book is a picture of the traditional turban that usually Indian grooms put during weddings.

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Inside the book

The book is a love story gone haywire when the duo plan to get married and settle in life. The central characters Karan and Jiya, have been in love since college and have taken vows to live life together. But, due to unforeseen reasons, Karan gets hitched to Kavya. The book is a combination of love, laughter, and sadness.

Karan and Jiya had been in a relationship since their college days and now well settled in their jobs and plan to marry. However, Karan’s parents are not in acceptance and that is the reason for both being separated still. One day, Karan finally decides to convince his parents dramatically he gets abducted from the airport on the way home. No further information about the abductor or ransom is discussed. It is later understood that Karan becomes a victim of the groom’s kidnapping. The concept of groom kidnapping is very well rampant in some communities due to the caste system that prevails to peaks. The third character, Kavya who is the bride is also not in alignment with such marriage. The story is written on the lines of questioning the marriages that are decided by the materialistic factors rather than the consent of the couple. 

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My review

This is my fourth book from Kamini Kusum. In her previous book, the drama quotient that existed is carried onto this book also. 

In some places, the events happen so quickly that the readers fail to cope up with the pace. Her books target the Indian audience and people who like the soap operas of Indian television. Her books also are a treat to beginner readers who lookout for books written in simple and colloquial language.

She in this book has given an insight into the groom kidnapping that happens in some parts of India. When deeply thought, it focuses on marriages that are confined to a certain caste, economical background, political background, and society around. To not being embarrassed by those outsiders, often young people succumb to forced marriages. Here, the author has touched such subjects at a basic level. A more deep inclusion of this subject would have given the story a mature look.

Though the story was good, somewhere there is a disjunction with the emotional level. The events happen so fast that the time taken by the readers to understand and sink into the story is somewhere missing. Else, the book is a good entertainer.

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What to expect

The book is a love story with twists. This book is a story about families having trouble accepting decisions. This story is a realistic story that can be seen in every house. Thus, expect a good tea-time story.

My take on the characters

All the characters in the story are true to themselves. There is more scope for the character of Karan, but due to maybe the short length of the story, it looks confined. Else, the characters have done justice.

How good is the author’s writing style

This is the fourth book from the author’s work. To date her first book Secrets, Sins, and Struggles is my favorite. Kamini Kusum’s plots are all dramatic and filmy styled. The plotline looks similar to a witty and entertaining Bollywood movies stories. 

Here, the author has touched such subjects at a basic level. A more deep inclusion of this subject would have given the story a mature look.

The author’s writing is simple and the book is short in length. It is a quick and light read. No complicated language makes the book an easy one. 

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Who can read the book

The book is written in a basic language with no complex vocabulary. The simple conversations and incidents are dramatic and can be received well with beginners. The readers who like bling, Bollywood kind of fantasy, and hustle-bustle storylines and drama can read the book.

Final Rating


(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

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