The first story, ‘The Young Visitor’ showcases the difficulties of a middle-class family who depend on a maid because of the stringent timelines and stress due to work and status. This story depicts a typical middle class or upper-middle-class family who can afford a maid or rather a cook with a busy husband and grown-up children. The narration of the story is very realistic and relatable.

The second story, ‘Future Love Story’ which is my personal favorite that is set up in the future i.e. post 2050, the apocalyptic era, where meeting another human in flesh and blood is decided by many factors. There is a co-existence of motons and humans together under the same roof. There is this futuristic set up of the cities which is an interesting aspect to read. The author has shown a small imaginary yet maybe it could happen type of scenario.

The third story, ‘Mother and Daughter’ is a story of women empowerment, women being oppressed, patriarchy, and extreme. Though liberal-minded, but if the father has no voice to support his female child’s dreams due to male domination in the family, mothers often raise their voices or show their dissent in many ways. This story runs on similar lines and it is definitely a fantastic story.

The next stories are very well are woven with elements that gauge human emotions and relationships. If one story is about love, extramarital affair, and divorce that leads to fatal results another is about friendship, rivalry, and togetherness. If the next story talks about jealousy another story showcases duty, drug addiction issues, and compassion. If the following story talks about good deeds and cares towards the poor and underprivileged, the next story immediately talks about the COVID -19 crisis and woes of the migrant labor that recently was witnessed by the whole country.

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In this way, author Richa has touched every walk of life and presented it with great writing skills and honesty.

What to expect
Slices of life is a book that will appeal to serious readers as well. What it sometimes lacks in pace in some stories but can be complemented up by its beautiful story-telling and setting.

Since the book is set in the backdrop present life and generation it can essentially be called a socio-realistic drama. Expect a lot of relatable narration and some great perspectives coming straight from the future.

How good is the author’s writing style

Richa uses a language that is easy and simple to understand. Thus, with readable font size and font, the book can be read by readers of any age from maybe 14.

The magic in this book lies not only in her writing but in his characters which are just realistic. A reader can instantly relate to oneself. and their stories. The most exciting thing in every story is the link to the next story in some way. Also, the social-realism thematic approach attracted.

Book Title: Slices of Life
Author: Richa Gupta

Book Title
The title of the book ‘Slices of Life‘ is endearing and interesting

Book Cover
The cover image of the book is a colorful picture of slices from various fruits with the title. Different fruits may be referred to different emotions depicted in the collection of the stories in the book.

(Reviewed for Storizen Magazine by Swapna Peri)

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