Book Review: Aasma-I-Noor by Sudipta Sen Gupta


Book Title: Aasma-I-Noor: The Cursed Jewel

Author: Sudipta Sen Gupta

Format: Kindle

No.of Pages: 312

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Book Review

The recent days have seen a debate about Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar Visiting Varanasi before his latest movie’s release – Samrat Prithviraj. There have been trolling articles about the misinterpretation of history. This made me revisit the history books. I happen to pick up a middle school history textbook. The not-so-happy me tried searching for documentaries on YouTube.

Aasma-I-Noor by Sudipta Sen Gupta
Aasma-I-Noor by Sudipta Sen Gupta Book Cover

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I have had a chance to glance at some fantastic channels. Coincidentally, I found this book on Rupa Publication’s Instagram page – Aasma-I-Noor with a red diamond!

Without a further delay, I laid my hands on the book! I believe in the butterfly effect, and my quest started with Akshay Kumar’s movie and ended up with the quest of Aasma-I-Noor. This is a perfect book for the weekend, and I recommend it strongly! 

Read this and get entertained, historically!

What to Expect From the Story?

  • Expect an adventurous historical quest fiction dated back to the 1700s.
  • Expect a story with the most known historical characters but a tinge of fiction.
  • Expect a story that revolves around a diamond and is the cause of everything that happens.
  • Expect a story that will remain in our minds for a long time.
  • Expect a story that will transport the readers back to the times of the Battle of Plassey, Buxar, and India’s freedom fight.

Who Can Read?

After romantic and crime fiction, historical fiction is the most read genre. Be it Indian or Greek, or in other countries, historical fiction has this magic of transporting the readers to the older times. With intrinsic descriptions and effective narration, it is evident that historical fiction novels gain more reader audiences. Similarly, this book, Aasma-I-Noor by author Sudipta Sen Gupta is a work of excellence. The story is suitable for every reader with simple yet rich language and grammar. There is also every chance to revisit the history lessons learned way back in school!

How Good are the Characters?

The best part of the book is its characters. The story and the quest for AASMA-I-NOOR begin with two characters. One is from England and the other from Calcutta. The book is divided into four main chapters, and each main chapter is into small chapters.

Each chapter has characters that are introduced in short and compact ways but with intrigue. Whether Alvardi Khan or Nadir Shah, Sai Ram or Vara Prasad, Mir Jumla or Robert Clive, every character is just fantastic. The characters, their scope, role, and strength in the story are well balanced.

How Good is the Narration?

The story is definitely finding a lost diamond, Aasma-I-Noor! The story is not just historical fiction but a quest with challenges that might comprise the lives involved. Greed, power, and wanting to rule makes the quest more than a killing spree. The beauty of this book lies in the intricately designed plots and diverse characters.

When these elements are added to a deeply-thought narrative, the story is a killer! In this book, author Sudipta has done everything possible to keep the reader on the run and keep his/her head quenching for more.

How Good are the Language and Grammar?

Simple, rich, and meaningful language with adequate vocabulary is used in the book. This quality makes the book a universal read!

How Good is the Author’s Writing Style?

Author Sudipta’s writing style is rich and lucid. The story is told from different viewpoints. It is indeed a valid statement to give that this story will remain in our minds for a long time because of the rich language used.

How Entertaining is the Book?

The entertainment factor of the book is spot on. Throughout the book, there is always an excitement to get to the next page. And hence it is a page-turner! Thus, a perfect entertainer.

Pick it if:

  • You like historical fiction with lots of action and entertainment.
  • You like stories with many characters and places.  
  • You like to read stories that happen in India.

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