Book Review: Afghanistan: Through the Fog of Instability by R.K. Sawhney

An overall picture of Afghanistan by several Indian Diplomats.


Book Title: Afghanistan: Through the Fog of Instability
Edited by: R.K.Sawhney
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Book Review
Afghanistan’s history is turbulent, with foreign invasions, internal warfare, and Taliban control. It has remained turbulent, with continuing clashes between the Taliban and the Afghan government and other extremist organizations like ISIS. Poverty, corruption, and a lack of infrastructure have also been significant issues in the country. Most of the population is impoverished, with inadequate access to clean water, healthcare, and education.

Afghanistan Through the Fog of Instability by R.K. Sawhney Book Cover
Afghanistan: Through the Fog of Instability by R.K. Sawhney Book Cover

Indian officials have been closely monitoring Afghanistan’s situation and voiced profound worry over the country’s prolonged turmoil and instability. India has always supported Afghanistan, contributing significantly to infrastructure development, education, and healthcare.

They have also worked to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, including attempts to bring opposing factions together and foster conversation. India has stressed the need for all sides to resolve the crisis peacefully and has urged to stop violence and terrorism in the nation.

The Taliban reclaimed control in Afghanistan in 2021, twenty years after being deposed by US forces. They suppressed women’s rights and ignored essential services throughout their brutal rule. This book, edited by retired Lt Gen. R.K. Sawhney, sincerely endeavors to find solutions to various problems afflicting the peace and security of this country.

Former Indian diplomats who served as ambassadors to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and the United States or held top positions in India’s national security apparatus wrote these articles. They give either firsthand experience with Afghanistan affairs or expert assessments of Afghanistan-related issues from critical vantage points in the country’s immediate neighborhood or as observed from states that have played a role in shaping events there.

This book, Afghanistan: Through the Fog of Instability by R.K. Sawhney provides a comprehensive historical perspective, encompassing the era from ancient times to more current times, when there was a movement of ideas, philosophies, trade, and business between Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, with Afghanistan functioning as a bridge. The book is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to read about Afghanistan and understand what it was, what it is now, and what it will be like in the future.

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