Agnibaan by S. Venkatesh


Book Title: Agnibaan
Author: S.Venkatesh
Format: Kindle

About the author:
S.Venkatesh is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. His book KAALKOOT, an Amazon #1 bestseller in historical fiction, received acclaim for its combination of conspiracy, history, and suspense. It has been optioned for screen adaptation.

The much-awaited AGNIBAAN, launched July 2021, is his second book. As a private equity investor, business leader, and Board member, Venkatesh has helped businesses scale up, innovate and grow. He held leadership positions across Asia with JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Macquarie, and continues to be an avid investor.

Venkatesh has been keenly interested in Eastern philosophy and mysticism right from his college days at IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta. He is passionate about self-discovery and the power of stories to inspire and transform.

About the book:
535 CE
A young warrior sails from Egypt to a secret destination in India, carrying a mysterious package from the Great Pyramid. He guards a secret for which wars have been fought, for which men have staged the most ruthless massacres. But the forces of darkness are not far behind.


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The favorite for the US Presidential election is assassinated. Nuclear submarines are destroyed. An Indian army convoy faces a deadly border attack. And a terrible fate awaits Delhi as the city hurtles towards a long night of destruction. Yet, this is just the beginning. As the trail of the AgniBaan races from desolate lakes to dense jungles, from lost cities to hidden temples, from the US election campaign to bloodthirsty underground duels, it is clear that an ancient prophecy is coming true. Empires will fall. Darkness will prevail Hell’s fury shall be unleashed.

My Review
AgniBaan: Guardians of the Fire Chamber is the second book by author S. Venkatesh. Like the previous book, this is also fantasy fiction with elements of mythology.  The story is set around two interwoven stories, one from 535 CE and one present-day; the book is set in Egypt, the US, and India. This story is a combination of history and folklore stories.

This story is a blend of ancient time and today’s timeline incidents in India and the USA and already mentioned. The story starts in 535 CE in Egypt, where there were two orders. The order applied to run the world. The purpose is the order of the Guardian were Guarding the Secret Kept in the Fire Chamber of Great Pyramid. The second order is the Dark order of Apep, which was demonic, that always try to get their hands in this secret. Aphotep is the member of the order of the guardian who rushes to India with a package holding secret. The parallel story is the assassination of the US presidential candidate.

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The story is an interesting aspect of human traits on the darker side. Be it greed or vengeance or enmity. When the story and the characters touch the innermost core of the ethics and values systems of the readers, the story then becomes larger than just a fiction story. Here, in this book, the author’s idea has fuelled this aspect; apart from understanding the human intentions, values of learning like how not to behave or act is another fascinating aspect that the story gives as a takeaway.

The language and the vocabulary used in the story are some of the interesting aspects. The characters are relatable and written with strength. Though somewhere the story was lagging, the immediate incidents patch up the lag. The author’s interest in research and putting all those into writing is one of the highlights.  An interesting and engaging narration with quests, twists, and turns is what makes the book readable.

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