Book Review: Ahalya’s Awakening by Kavita Kane

Ahalya’s story retold ecstatically!


Book Title: Ahalya’s Awakening
: Kavita Kane
Total Number of Pages: 358
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: Mythological Fiction

My Thoughts

Ahalya’s Awakening by Kavita Kane Rupa Cover

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Indian mythology is like the Akshaya Patra. The more it is read, the more stories come out of it. There are many unsung characters in the Puranas and scriptures that are less explored. Thanks to the new-age writers who, with their own imagination, bring up these enthralling and exciting stories that showcase the heritage.

Kavita Kane holds a special place when talking about writers, especially Indian female writers. Her portrayal of the female characters in the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and other Puranas is impeccable.

This book, Ahalya’s Awakening by Kavita Kane, is 358 pages long and has more than 20 chapters. The book’s prologue introduces Indra’s shocking character and his desire for Ahalya. The story is written in simple language that readers of any age can understand. For any book, the first chapter always gives a lasting impression and drives the reader to continue reading.

Here, the first chapter is titled ‘The Twins’, which talks of the advent of Ahalya’s life and the sheer happiness she brought into the world of King Mudgal. As the story proceeds, each of them tends to unveil a new facet of Ahalya’s life.

There are many interesting encounters, and it becomes a good read. Thus, this book is a must-read for anyone willing to go for a good read.

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