Book Review: ‘Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship between India and Pakistan’ by Ajay Bisaria

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Book Title: Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship between India and Pakistan
Author: Ajay Bisaria
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Number of Pages: 560
ISBN: 978-9393852755
Date Published: Jan. 10, 2024
Price: INR 698

Anger Management by Ajay Bisaria Book Cover

Book Review

Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office, the traditionally turbulent dating between India and Pakistan has gone through surprising shifts, marked by terrific events such as the URI incident, surgical strikes, the Pulwama Attack, and the withdrawal of Article 370.

In his book, “Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship among India and Pakistan,” High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria offers a clean perspective on bilateral demanding situations. Combining ancient research, memoirs, and insightful insights, the book gives a well-reasoned blueprint for resolving the enduring tensions between the two countries.

Ajay Bisaria’s book offers a charming and thorough exploration of his tenure as India’s top diplomat in Pakistan, presenting complicated information on diplomatic planning amid escalating hostilities. It delves into the intricacies and demanding situations characterizing diplomatic exchanges, beginning with Bisaria’s 2019 removal from Islamabad, a symbolic gesture highlighting the precarious bilateral dating. Beyond tremendous events, the ebook discusses the rescue of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman and airstrikes in Balakot, supplying an exceptional point of view from Indian diplomats operating in Pakistan.

Bisaria can provide a detailed evaluation of India-Pakistan’s tumultuous beyond, emphasizing the difficulties confronted by Indian envoys amid headline-making actions of political leaders and military commanders. The ebook offers new views on essential episodes, which include Partition, wars in 1965, 1971, and 1999, terrorism in Kashmir, skirmishes throughout the Line of Control, and terrorist assaults on Mumbai and the Indian parliament. It explores measures trying to stop the perpetual country of battle, providing a reasoned approach for lengthy-term peace.

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The author’s exact account of occasions main to India and Pakistan’s disconnect, encompassing the Pulwama assault, the Balakot crisis, and the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir, offers a play-via-play of trends and the role of 1/3-party mediation. The book discusses the writer’s friendships fashioned in Pakistan no matter the adverse situation, various viewpoints of Indian diplomats on the destiny of the two international locations’ dating, and a complete historical context, tracing the evolution of India-Pakistan members of the family from Partition to offer problems.

Ajay Bisaria’s “Anger Management” skillfully combines historical analysis, narrative, and research to offer a unique perspective on the intricate relationship between India and Pakistan. The book provides a sophisticated understanding of the nuances shaping their relationship and stands out as a must-read for those seeking insight into the challenges presented by the India-Pakistan relationship.

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