Anon. by Bhavani Iyer


Book Title: Anon.
Bhavani Iyer

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘Anon. by Bhavani Iyer‘ looks very unique and different. At some point, it looks like a short form of the word Anonymous which makes the read interesting.

Book Cover:
The cover of the book Anon. by Bhavani Iyer is abstract art of two feathers and Bengali Text on the background that supports the blurb of the story which says the book is set up in Kolkata, the then Calcutta!


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The book Anon. by Bhavani Iyer starts with an introduction of two young lads who come from different lifestyles, economical and cultural backgrounds. The plot is set up in the beautiful city of Joy and the epitome of heritage, Calcutta during the years between 1960 – 70.

The author has captured perfectly the soul of the city during those rustic years of paradigm shift both in the economy and culture of the native Bengalis.

The journey of the two young boys from their childhood to their later years is narrated in a very interesting manner. They both come across each other in the heavenly destination, ‘Shantiniketan’.

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Since the time they meet with each other, the story takes a great U-turn and the author must be given all due credits for a wonderful plot.

The book Anon. by Bhavani Iyer mainly emphasizes human emotions, forgotten memories of childhood, and left-out little feelings towards the people we love unconditionally.

What I like:
1.The narrative style
2. The plot and the depiction of emotions

What I didn’t like:
There is nothing to be mentioned as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story.

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The narration is very interesting with ample amounts of wit, emotion, and good storytelling abilities.

The characters of the two protagonists, Deb and Sardar are very established and are written with engaging personalities that don’t take the reader’s interest away from turning the next page.

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Language & Grammar:
A mature style of writing with some rich vocabulary is observed. As the author is an experienced screenwriter, the language is top.

My Verdict: 

A satisfying and engaging read.

Final Rating:

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