Anxious People


Book Title: Anxious People

Author: Fredrik Backman

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
It so happens that destiny comes to one’s rescue when no person can lend a helping hand. In such circumstances, external factors like books, meditation, inspiring videos, or any other form of art\scientific techniques become helpful.  

This statement holds good in this context because 2020 has been a tough year mentally more than anything. An avid reader like me resorted to reading more to escape from the depressing news stories running all over the news channels, social media platforms, and people talking. It was at this time I came across this book named ‘Anxious People‘ by Fredrik Backman.

My last read from the same author, A Man Called Ove, a 2012 novel by Fredrik published in English in 2013, is a story of humanity, relationships, and virtues like not being judgmental, calm, and respectful. It was in 2017 I had a good time reading this book. Author Fredrik is a Swedish columnist, blogger, and writer. His stories in both books talk about the basic traits of being human.

Coming back to my experience in picking up ‘Anxious People‘ during the 2020 lockdown times was the best decision. Why? Because this story by Author Fredrik is a heart-warming tale that made me laugh, smile, cry and think.


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The characters are poignant and humane. The writing is undoubtedly flowing, smooth and clear. After reading few initial pages from the book, the profound story-telling gets into your nerves. At places, the heart pounds, and the heart-beat races to the peaks but, at the same time, it warms and calms the mind.

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Anxious People, as the name suggests, is about a bunch of Anxious people. The story of a bank robbery turned into a hostage situation where a bank robber gets locked in an apartment with the worst set of hostages ever, and confusion continues.

The book started terrifically with Backman’s distinctive, quirky characters in whacky situations that will make the readers laugh and think. The anecdotes, quotes, and passages entertain the readers a lot.

Anxious People stands as one of the most relatable books in recent days. The way the author has focused on the mental health issues, what the characters go through. Human connections are the most plausible things that happen on earth.

Every emotion is displayed and described humanely. Even the mention of suicide and the struggles that a character goes through is worth discussing.

Overall, this is a beautiful and heartwarming tale of human relations and emotions.

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