Book Review: Arribada: The Arrival by Samantha Kochharr

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Book Title: Arribada: The Arrival
Author: Samantha Kochharr
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Book Review
Samantha Kochharr’s book Arribada: The Arrival is an insightful and moving journey that examines the subject of self-discovery and the strength of love and connection. Joy and Ollie, two characters with radically distinct origins, are followed throughout the narrative as they battle personally and come to terms with life’s realities.

This is an interconnected narrative. The tale of two spirit souls—one a tortoise and the other a man—is told by a narrator. Then, Ollie and Joy got their start on a Goa seashore. When the baby Joy becomes Ollie’s companion, he nearly dies at delivery. As time goes on, Joy succeeds as an adult.

Arribada The Arrival by Samantha Kochharr Book Cover
Arribada The Arrival by Samantha Kochharr Book Cover

Joy’s first kid passes away, as is inevitable in human existence, and this is when his life begins to decline. His mother, the second-most important person in his life, also dies, and Joy’s wife departs him for Anthony. Alcoholism, negative attitudes, and harmful behaviors permeate Joy’s entire existence.

The characters in this book are believable and well-developed. Joy’s path from a high-powered position to a handyman in a tiny hamlet is challenging to read along with but is inspiring. Ollie’s slow-paced existence and pursuit of meaning and purpose are a gentle reminder that everyone and their life journey are unique. Soulful conversations between Joy and Ollie make it impossible for the reader not to want to see them succeed in overcoming their obstacles. This book will show you all there is to know about second opportunities and how giving up is never an option.

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This novel is a fantastic blend of fiction and self-help, making it different from other novels that combine fiction and self-help. It’s interesting to think about how a man and an animal connect in the book. For the viewers, it calls to mind a few well-known movies like Hathi mere saathi, Charlie 777, Stuart Little, etc., where the relationships between humans and animals are well shown.

There is much to learn about embracing life and looking deeply into the little things that happen. One of this book’s best aspects is how well it integrates different ethnic and cultural perspectives. Here, Samantha’s literary ability gets center stage. One of the other features is how the living conditions in each location described in the book are explained side by side.

This story is global and timeless. The author discusses how letting go of false ideas and opening our souls to love, and confidence can improve our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us. The book also delves into interconnectedness, reminding us of our position in the cosmos and the importance of environmental connection. The book also stresses the oneness and cosmic love from a wider angle. Here, author Samantha’s spiritual journey reflects.

Overall, Arribada: The Arrival is a compelling and thought-provoking book that will give the reader a better grasp of the human condition and the power of love and connection. The ability of the author to effortlessly weave together various societal views, as well as the well-developed characters, make for an enjoyable and enlightening read. Readers who appreciate fiction that delves into the human situation will enjoy this book.

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