Book Review: Babri’s Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma

An emotional ride into the past that shook the lives and country!


Book Title: Babri’s Debt 

Author: Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma

Format: Paperback

Published By: Jitendra Anand Infratech Private Limited

No. of pages: 366

Book Review

Babri's Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma
Babri’s Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma

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Babri’s Debt by first-time author Dr. Kamiksha is not an easy book. It is not every author’s cup of tea when it comes to writing it. It follows up with a trail of incidents and a tragic love story post the fall of the Babri Masjid and several horrific blasts in Mumbai. This story of three medical college girl students rising and falling in love with life makes the story interesting.

With exciting narration and comfortable font, and language, the detailed descriptions of every incident and character with proper elements of emotion make the book a page-turner. The travel with the characters is immense and intense.

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What to Expect

  • Expect a story that takes almost every Indian back into the dark past during the Babri Masjid demolition.
  • Expect a story where an average person’s life is entangled with the political scenario of the area.
  • Expect a story where unexpected events hugely impact common people unaware of the bigger political controversies.

Who Can Read?

Babri’s Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma is written in an easy language that any age reader can comprehend. It is also for readers who like political-based stories.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Simple language with adequate vocabulary and acceptable grammar is found in the book.

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Writing Style

Though a debut work, a known incident, the author has presented the story brilliantly. The engaging narration and interesting writing make the book more readable. How the author takes the readers onto a memory lane with chaos and cries with vulnerable situations involved is worth mentioning.

What did I Like

  1. 1. The plot.
  2. 2. The narration.
  3. 3. The characters and the emotions.
  4. 4. The realistic incidents in the college, hostel, and life.
  5. 5. The font in the book.
  6. 6. The page indentation.

What Could Have Been Better?

The book is a great piece of debut work with enough drama and feelings of pain, longing, and betrayal (political drama).

Entertainment Quotient

The book has all aspects that make the book a perfect entertainer!

Pick it if

  • You like political drama stories
  • You wish to read debut author books
  • You like going back into the 90s political India

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