Book Review: ‘Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice’ by Shiv B. Singh

An Expedition of Tenacity, Integrity, and Empowerment

Book Title: Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice
Author: Shiv B. Singh
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 232
ISBN: 978-9357029308
Date Published: Feb. 10, 2024
Price: INR 490

Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice by Shiv B. Singh Book Cover

Book Review

Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” takes readers on an inspirational journey through the career of Shiv B. Singh, a seasoned banker whose climb from junior officer to Chief General Manager exemplifies timeless ideas and proactive leadership. Singh’s story not only discusses his personal development but also provides everlasting lessons for young corporate leaders looking to make a long-term influence in their areas. Singh’s journey from humble origins in a tiny town to directing Treasury operations amid a global financial crisis is one of perseverance, honesty, and lifelong learning.

Readers are given Singh’s unique viewpoint on leadership in the banking business as he reflects on his experiences and the essential lessons he learned throughout his 35-year career. His insights regarding managerial methods, decision-making, ethics, and empathy are useful for professionals at all levels of their careers. Furthermore, his expertise in rural banking and banking diversity gives significant insights into the industry’s issues and potential.

Singh’s dedication to mentorship and talent development is evident throughout his narrative, emphasizing the significance of cultivating the next generation of banking professionals. By building a culture of constant learning and empowerment, he has left a legacy that goes well beyond his own career. “Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” is more than simply a memoir; it demonstrates the transforming potential of true leadership and provides vital lessons for both seasoned executives and new professionals.

This autobiography has a fundamental message: chances abound in life, but we must choose to accept leadership and strive for greatness in all positions. Singh’s rise from a rural background to run a major Indian bank exemplifies the power of persistence and hard work. Whether you’re a current banker, an aspiring leader, or just looking for inspiration, “Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” is an engaging book that provides practical advice and useful insights into the banking industry’s struggles and accomplishments.

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Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” takes readers on a gripping trip through Shiv B. Singh’s distinguished career, covering 230 pages of compelling story delivered in a reader-friendly font size with perfect language and syntax. The book is divided into ten fascinating parts that smoothly weave together personal experiences, leadership ideas, and career milestones. Some chapters include tabular statistics, facts, and references, which add depth and validity to Singh’s tale.

Readers will also discover helpful notes and references throughout the text, offering further context and supporting evidence for Singh’s experiences and lessons learned. Whether digging into Singh’s early days in a remote hamlet or negotiating the complexity of the banking business, each chapter provides a wealth of knowledge and motivation for professionals looking to further their careers and make a meaningful difference.

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