Book Review: Barabanki by Anuj Tiwari


Book Title: Barabanki: The Professor, the Pandit, and the Policeman
Author: Anuj Tiwari
Total Number of Pages: 192
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Category: Fiction

Book Title

The book’s title – Barabanki: The Professor, the Pandit, and the Policeman, is attractive and mysterious. It also hints the story is somewhere related to Barabanki city.

Book Cover

Barabanki by Anuj Tiwari Book Cover
Barabanki by Anuj Tiwari Book Cover

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The image on the book cover is an interesting photo of a college building with a red-colored filter. The do not cross tags, and the dead body’s outline on the ground explain the story is a murder mystery. The image is indeed exciting!


The book, Barabanki by Anuj Tiwari is about two crimes, and the police solving that happened in Lucknow and Barabanki cities. As the story progresses, the characters introduced are related to the cities and the incidents. Death on the college campus is the trigger point for the forthcoming events and twists in the story.

Superintendent of Police Naveen Mishra and his storyteller colleague Sub-Inspector Awasthi are investigating the death of a student at the Indian Engineering College, Lucknow. During the investigation, many underlying twists start to unearthing. In the middle ground, Jayanti, a student at the college, and Raghav, an alumnus of the college,  now a successful author, are roped into the case.

Their reunion after three years is overshadowed by the mysterious death of Jayanti’s father and linked to Ansari, a professor at the college. Naveen and Awasthi swim across the system and the loopholes that startle them. This murder mystery thriller is an interesting one written by author Anuj Tiwari, is his first crime thriller.


Engaging narration with exciting incidents makes the story readable.

Language and Vocabulary

Simple language with easily accessible vocabulary is used in the book. Though it is a murder story, readers above 15 can also read it as there are no disturbing things.

My Thoughts

The book’s prologue alerts the readers and captures their attention. The book is divided into 19 chapters; the first chapter starts with a hospital scene and introduces Naveen, the SP. As the story progresses, the book’s title gets justified as a corruption web, illegal drugs, and other crimes come into the picture. There are many subplots in the story. A few more pages into the story, if added, would have been better. The book is overall a good one-time read.

What I like:

1. The plot.
2. Naveen and his personality.

What I didn’t like

The timelines between Raghav and Jayanti are mismatched, which might confuse the readers.

Pick it if

  • You like short books.
  • You like murder thrillers.

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