Beyond A Love Story


Book Title: Beyond A Love Story

Author: Chitkala Mulye

Format: eBook

About The Author:

Chitkala Mulye is an NLP and REBT certified life & relationship coach from Pune. A former market research analyst with, MBA in human resources and a mechanical engineer, she is a passionate poet and a blogger. She has also worked as a screenplay and story writer for a short film ‘Being Human’, screened at Cannes Festival in France. Her poems recently got published in an anthology named ‘Sheershak’. Her articles and poetry on her blog ‘The words untrammeled’ ( revolve around life, culture, philosophy, human emotions, and social issues.

About The Book:

Sameer, seduced by his elder cousin Tanmay, gets carried away in a sexual relationship with him. Preeti, Sameer’s childhood tutor, and a best friend find solace in her bond with Sameer, which has ripened over the years. However, when Sameer, gay, finds his soul mate Abhijeet, Preeti goes through intense emotional turmoil. This beginning is Sameer’s life, exposing him to a canvas of suffering, revealing the true meaning of love, companionship, family, and sacrifice while turning the tables and bringing a twist in the tale!

Beyond a Love Story by Chitkala Mulye

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The story of Sameer revolves around the nuances of emotions in the grey areas of relationships. It explores how true love transcends the boundaries of gender, age, and sexuality questioning the perceived notions about relationships, thus challenging the typical conventions of the family system.

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Book Review:

The LGBTQ literature has been gaining popularity for some years since homosexuality has been accepted in many countries. But there are still more places where this is to be accepted. It is indeed a positive result in India that people accept, and many authors are emerging to explore the literature. While Gay literature has been a part of Indian and Greek mythology, the Victorian culture has pushed it aside and coined it as not normal. It has taken decades to let people understand normalcy.

As an avid reader, I have had an excellent opportunity to read books from fiction and non-fiction genres on the LGBTQ community. My first book was ‘I am also a Human‘ by Jasbir Singh, and the second was Meridith Russo’s ‘Birthday’. These two books have enlightened me. Thus, my quest to read more about them took me to my friend’s NGO that works exclusively for socially abandoned people because they identified their sexuality as LGBTQ.

This statement itself is cringing, but it is a fact. At this juncture, I had a chance to meet Ms. Chitkala Mulye, a life coach and an author on Social Media. Her book, ‘Beyond A Love Story‘ explores and explains the many human layers of LGBTQ lives, issues, emotional outbursts, and mindsets through her characters.

Taking up a sensitive topic and writing a fiction novel with all the facts written is a great attempt. I am sure author Chitkala has excelled in this. Being a life coach, she understands better the stress and pressure youngsters face when they identify their sexuality. As the blurb says, Sameer, one of the central characters in the story, his emotional journey and final destination will definitely entice many readers. The raving reviews proved that readers are ready to explore different stories, proving that readers are unbiased!

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This is not a typical girl-boy romantic story, but an extraordinary story that narrates society’s eye-opening travel towards acceptance of male-male and female-female and many more relationships. The language used in the book, the narration, and the characterizations have all gained brownie points. The characters excel in their space, and barring a few editing errors; this book takes the readers onto a different experience.


Beyond A Love Story is that story that blasts open all the preconceived notions about sexual orientation and gives the readers to acquaint themselves with the tabooed topics seamlessly. All the credit goes to the author Chitkala Mulye for writing this book. I recommend this to all the youngsters who are at that crossroads of understanding themselves. The book also talks about platonic love, infatuation, abuse, societal pressures, and friendships. The underlying emotion – unconditional love is explained fantastically in the book.

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