Book Review: ‘Biopeculiar’ by Gigi Ganguly

Exciting, weird and mind-poking

Book Title: Biopeculiar: Stories of an Uncertain World
Author: Gigi Ganguly
Publisher: Westland
Number of Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-9360450977
Date Published: Apr. 15, 2024
Price: INR 322

Biopeculiar by Gigi Ganguly Book Cover

Book Review

Gigi Ganguly’s “Biopeculiar: Stories of an Uncertain World” is an imaginative collection of speculative short stories that weave together a deep love of nature with serious worries about environmental challenges. Ganguly’s stories, characterized as amusing yet unsettling, encourage readers to perceive the world through a variety of lenses, blurring the distinction between the human and non-human realms. This innovative approach encourages readers to consider their effect on the natural environment and the connection of all life.

“Biopeculiar” builds on this heritage, with stories full of heart, wisdom, and enchantment. The stories connect to current environmental issues by presenting speculative narratives that are deeply rooted in concerns about the natural world and the crises it faces today. The collection is described as being shot through with a deep love for the natural world, grave concern about the crises that envelop it, and a rare kindness even as it places the blame for these crises on humanity.

Biopeculiar: Stories of an Uncertain World” by Gigi Ganguly includes fascinating tales like a cloud herder preparing for retirement amid the departure of the Weather Department’s best vocalist, and a corvid inspector tackling a difficult case, a tarnished reputation, and unhappy colleagues. One standout story, “Nemesis,” is reminiscent of Bora Chung’s “Cursed Bunny” and may even make readers hesitate to kill a cockroach in the future. Ganguly’s poetic writing and inventive narratives reveal overlooked truths, encouraging readers to adopt perspectives ranging from clouds to silkworms. This 22-story collection excels with its personal, nuanced, and emotionally poignant tales, making “Biopeculiar” a remarkable addition to speculative fiction, exploring themes of belonging, displacement, and the balance between desire and reality.

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Biopeculiar: Stories of an Uncertain World” is a moving reminder of the fragile balance between humans and the environment. Ganguly’s characters frequently find themselves negotiating the complexity of the natural environment, thinking about their role within it and the influence of their species. These intellectual and physical encounters challenge readers’ ideas about identity, morality, and the human predicament. This anthology encourages readers to consider their ties with the environment, making for an educational and engaging read.

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