Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest is the third book by S J Bolton, a thriller/mystery novel that was shortlisted in 2010 for CWA’s Gold Dagger Award. The book was originally published in 1996.


“She’s been watching us for a while now,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s like she is always there…”

Heptonclough is a small village atop the Pennine moors. A dorp filled with weird customs and traditions, including the ‘Blood Harvest’ ritual. It is here that our protagonists, the Fletcher family, finds their new home, a house in the middle of a graveyard. Just when you think that’s all creepy it can get, Bolton discloses that Heptonclough isn’t a place safe place for little girls!


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Gillian, a distraught mother, still remains positive that her daughter has survived the fire that engulfed their house two years ago. Is it her that Tom, the ten-year-old Fletcher kid, keeps seeing around the churchyard grounds? Is it only Tom who can hear these weird sounds? Is he really turning schizophrenic or are the “eyes staring at him” real?

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Why does this figure keep calling their younger sister, Millie’s name? Bolton sets the schoolboy superhero, Tom, and his trusty sidekick slash brother, Joe the invincible on the road to a Mysterious thriller case.

Catch Tom, Joe, their trusted friend the Vicar, and the psychiatrist Evi on their quest to unravel the truth. Will they be able to save Millie?

About the Author:

Sharon Bolton alias S J Bolton, also the recipient of the Mary Higgins Clark Award for ‘Awakening’, is an English author from Lancashire.  With a niche carved in the crime and mystery genre, her works stand synonymous with ‘eerie’ and ‘unnerving’. Sacrifice, her debut novel was voted the ‘best new read’ among



Title: Blood Harvest

Goodreads rating: 3.96/5

My Verdict: “Sometimes I wish that she’d just leave me in peace”, strange voices, mysterious figures popping up in graveyards, and not to mention a possible murderer on the loose…  Blood Harvest is my first pick of S J Bolton’s novels and I can say it is not going to be the last. Staged in a small village of Heptonclough, Bolton has managed to successfully convey a strong sense of spooky atmosphere for her readers to delve in.

The moors in these rectos have got bizarre things happening in the backdrop, building up her plot, completely wrapped in suspense. Even though I did feel a little drag in the first half, the second half paced to cover it up with page-turner plots. I felt it was one of those keepers that lets your mind run wild, making you skip a beat as you read. For the storyline, well-defined characters, and more importantly the plot which I miserably failed to decode, I’d give Blood Harvest a 4.8 on 5.

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