Book Review: ‘Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond’ by Lata Jha

Bollywood ride of reality behind the screen.


Book Title: Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond
Author: Lata Jha
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 248
ISBN: 978-9355209825
Date Published: Jan. 05, 2023
Price: INR 298

Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond by Lata Jha Book Cover

Book Review

The enduring popularity and global appeal of Bollywood speak volumes about the enormous effect of this thriving film industry. Bollywood’s vast output, engaging song and dance routines, and profound impact on Indian society have solidified its reputation as a cultural phenomenon. Bollywood films continue to cross boundaries and charm audiences worldwide as an integral part of Indian identity and a source of pride.

The brightness of Bollywood spans from the Middle East to Southeast Asia and is now reaching the limits of the United States and Europe. Its melodies and stories have become a bridge, uniting people from different cultures and creating a shared appreciation for cinema’s magic. From silent film to OTT, the business has seen significant changes.

Lata Jha’s book, “Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond,” provides readers with a detailed and in-depth examination of the Indian cinema business. The book is divided into four sections that examine various facets of the industry, such as film funding, production, exhibition, and the future of Indian cinema.

Jha dives into the various techniques of cinema finance in India in Part 1, which discusses finance and Making Films. She emphasizes the importance of private investors while highlighting the rising trend of co-productions with international studios. Jha also investigates the influence of government subsidies on film finance, offering vital insights into the financial systems behind Indian cinema.

Part 2: Making Movies It is incredible to read and comprehend the amount of effort everyone involved in a film puts in. This section focuses on India’s complicated filmmaking process. Jha provides an in-depth look at the many roles and duties involved, from directors and producers to performers and crew members. She also discusses filmmakers’ obstacles, such as censorship and a lack of required infrastructure.

After a thorough shooting procedure, the most crucial aspect of filmmaking, notably film exhibition, is discussed in Part 3. Author Jha changes the focus to film exhibition, investigating the changing environment of Indian movie theatres. She analyses the rise of multiplexes and the demise of single-screen theatres. Jha also examines the impact of digital distribution platforms on film exhibitions, offering valuable insights into the developing techniques for reaching viewers.

The pandemic has had an impact on the filmmaking process. Though it took some time for producers, performers, and audiences to adjust to the new means of seeing films, the OTT business succeeded. However, as the COVID-19 epidemic abated and movie theatres resumed operations, certain prominent films proved to be enormous crowd pullers, giving the creators confidence that audiences still like going to the theatres and seeing films on the large screen.

Thus Jha concludes the book by reflecting on the problems and possibilities that the Indian cinema industry faces. She discusses the influence of streaming services on conventional cinema and customers’ changing interests and inclinations. Additionally, Jha explores the potential growth of the Indian middle class and the increasing popularity of Indian cinema globally.

Lata Jha’s writing style is straightforward, entertaining, and well-supported by extensive research. She successfully explains complicated subjects in a way that readers can grasp. Her skills and knowledge show through making “Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond” a must-read for anybody interested in learning more about the Indian film business.

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The book appears to be well-researched and insightful. It gives a thorough overview of the Indian cinema industry, albeit some material may be outdated. This book is intended to provide a basic overview rather than a thorough analytical one, although specific topics might benefit from additional in-depth exploration.

Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond” is an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning more about the Indian film business. This book is riveting because of Lata Jha’s rigorous research and approachable writing style. While some material may be outdated, and certain sections may be expanded upon, the book’s overall worth is unquestionable. “Bollywood, Box Office and Beyond” is a must-read for anybody interested in the subtleties of Indian cinema.