Book Review – 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan


About the Book:

Staged in the late 1850s, 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan is a crime/ mystery thriller novel. Released in 2010, the book is quite a page-turner.


“Mysterious midnight murder. An eminent citizen assassinated. Intense excitement in the bond street”

The story revolves around the trial linking to the sensational murder of an eminent dentist in Bond Street, Dr. Burdel. A young widow, Emma Cunningham, with her two daughters has recently settled at 31 Bond Street as its head housekeeper. Dr. Harvey Burdel, the dental surgeon’s faint promises of marriage to Emma seems to grow fainter as the days pass. With “Familiarity being just smokes and mirrors”, Emma is forced to live with the secretive façade posed by the doctor and overseeing to his household.


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Roads hit the turn when one morning the Dr. was found gashed to death. And you guessed it right! The district attorney doesn’t delay one min in accusing Emma, with the motive being supplied by Harvey and Emma’s recent marriage license. Is Emma being framed? Is she innocent? Henry Clinton, who believes her innocence despite the murder claims, is summoned. Will he end up proving himself wrong? Is there a lucrative secret hidden in the rectos of Ellen Horan’s 31 Bond Street?

About the Author:

Ellen Horan, a New York magazine photo editor, has her contributions spread across publications including Vogue, Forbes, as well as Vanity Fair. Being captivated by a murder that shook New Yorkers about 150 years ago, Ellen penned down 31 Bond Street, her debut into the genre of crime, mystery, and thriller.


Title: 31 Bond Street

Goodreads rating: 3.4/5

My Verdict:

“Who Killed Dr.Burdell?” was one question that gripped the minds of people in New York during the late ’80s. “Dr. Harvey Burdell found dead” made it to every other new stack around. Being stumped by the plexus of this plot, Horan put her right foot forth and has spun together fact and fiction. For those who are in search of a read that’d keep you gripped till the end, then look no further, 31 Boon Street is just what you need. Ellen Horan has successfully breathed life into each and every character, easily staging the play right in our minds. The elegant line between the factual and fictional characters is more or less invisible, making the plot quite stimulating. Stir your mind in all possible directions but the book reveals itself only at the end. Ellen has also left many hooks and questions open-ended, hanging around, for us readers to figure out. I would give the book a 4.5 on 5 for Horan’s skillful plotting and intense imagination.

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