Book Review: Building a Happy Family by Raageshwari Loomba


Book Title: Building a Happy Family – 11 Practices of Mindful Parenting
Author: Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Building a Happy Family – 11 Practices of Mindful Parenting‘ is cheerful and informative

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is the author’s face with a bright yellow colored background. Her smile and the chirpy color gives a positive feeling.

About the author
Raageshwari is an Indian actor, singer, Tibetan yoga expert, and motivational speaker. She has cut many chart-topping albums and been a VJ on both MTV and Channel V, being called a Youth Icon by India Today. Having worked with myriad TV Networks, Raageshwari now has a Sufi Album ready to release. She became a Motivational speaker by default after her miraculous recovery from Bells Palsy. She regained her face with pure mind techniques and Yoga. Since then, she has furthered the cause of ‘Mindfulness’. She now runs a Mindfulness company ‘Unicorn World Events’, hosting retreats for corporate globally. Raageshwari lives in London and Mumbai with her husband. (Courtesy: Internet )

About the book:

You can’t have a happy family unless you’re happy yourself. Raageshwari Loomba, an award-winning speaker on mindfulness, shows us how to create an excellent atmosphere for the entire family to thrive in. Her relatable style is coupled with real-life examples, such as that of Albert Einstein, who couldn’t speak till the age of four and was a poor student. His parents encouraged him with love and allowed him to learn at his own pace. This, she shows, is the way to bring up your own little genius.


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Building a Happy Family brings to you 11 simple mindfulness philosophies that will enrich and strengthen your and your children’s inner world. Through scientific research and her own intimate story of heartbreak and facial paralysis, Raageshwari emphasizes how our thoughts can manifest further struggles or glory, and how teaching children early that our inner world attracts our outer world is key. Parents are taught to encourage their children’s original expressions, creativity, and joy, and not lose sight of it in their own lives too. This is the secret to a happy family.

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My review:
The word parenting according to the dictionary means – the raising of the child by its parents. This holds good for any living being. But, as humans are the most developed and efficient living beings on the earth, the concept of parenting also adds great value to the world’s harmony.  In this 21st century, the whole concept has taken a huge paradigm shift. Previously, almost in every place of the world, the parents are considered the torch bearers of the family and the clan where children are indefinitely raised with strict rules and massive discipline. On a lighter note, it is a common statement to hear that ‘ My father is as strict as a school headmaster or my mother is a very strict person’. Somewhere during the parenting process, the gap between the parents and children has grown apparently.

After the industrial revolution, when large families have been cut short and the concept of the Nuclear families emerged, the relationship between parents and children started taking a new turn. As it was not in every household but the children started to get their voices heard. Right from what they wanted to study until they chose of picking up the life partner, some parents have shown a new path. But all certain times, good parenting is what makes a difference. In this book, apart from parenting, the author focused on 11 points that will make new-age parenting very effective and draw greater results to raise the children with confidence, freedom, and responsibility.

In the first chapter, she explains about the effects of music right from the point of her pregnancy until the end. As a known fact, cool and calm music is really good to be the mother and the child inside. Here, she very interestingly explains her experiences as a music lover and singer and how music helps pregnant women. She also quotes the stats and facts that the National Childbirth Trust, UK has published. She also explains what and which kind of music is good to hear and asks the readers to maintain a music timetable for better results.

Raageshwari Loomba

In the second chapter, she talks about books. She also very nicely explains how a person’s personality is built if the habit of reading is inculcated from an early age and how this positive energy helps during the pregnancy period. Often women feel enormous amounts of boredom or loneliness sometimes due to many changes in the body both mentally and physically and hence sticking to a good book calms the mind and also helps in baby’s growth. She also says the baby inside the womb will also be a reader and a toddler the kid will start reading which becomes a healthy habit.

In the coming chapters,  the concept of dream boards or mind-maps is illustrated with ample examples. These things will create a positive attitude and thus the perfect sync between spirituality and science develops. A harmonious mind will be created and the world looks much brighter. Apart from this, theories like how to build creativity and responsibility in kids through various new and different approaches are worth reading.  There are more chapters with lots of good stuff to be learned which will make the post-pregnancy tasks for a mother of the newly born child or adopted child easy. All the things mentioned in the book holds good for the parents who have biological children or adopted children and being guardians too.

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With so much interesting information, the book is really worth reading. This book can also be gifted to the parents which makes a fantastic gift!

A very soulful narration combined with her own experiences and feelings, the author has flawlessly penned the book. With all the necessary semantics, the book is a smooth read with lots of inputs to learn and correct one’s mindset about the theory of parenting. This book is helpful to every parent no matter when they became parents.

Language & Grammar:
With clear and easy to understand language, the book is presented in its own style of simplicity and uncomplicated manner. An adult of any age can read the book.

My Final Verdict:
Very mindfully written book! Cheers!

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This book review first appeared in Storizen Magazine May 2020 Issue