Book Review: Call Me Saaya – A love story you can’t miss!

A nice one-time readable love story.


Book Title: Call Me Saaya
Zoe M

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘Call Me Saaya‘ is very different and attractive.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is an art image of a butterfly and a bunch of beautiful flowers. Nothing much can be said about the cover image.

About the Book:

Call Me Saaya is a love story that kindles between Shamsher, an aspiring photographer who is down to earth in his personality though he comes from a wealthy family, and Saaya, a simple girl with very big dreams in life. The contrasting personalities showcase great emotions of love and friendship that are also engulfed with other feelings and things like jealousy,  hatred, mystery, relationship, and human values.

Call Me Saaya Book Cover A nice Love Story
Call Me Saaya Book Cover

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At some places in the book, the readers will definitely fall in love with Shamsher and at some places get annoyed by the way Saaya takes hold of her life.  Saaya fails to identify the importance of people in her life making herself push into unwanted situations. On the other hand, Shamsher is a proactive and positive person, always looks onto the brighter side of life, and takes wise decisions in every task he takes up. As the story progresses, we can see how the personalities collide and thus lead to new twists.

The story unravels a hidden mystery that is the center point of the story. What role do Shamsher and Saaya play in the mystery? Who is Rana and what importance does he carry out in the story? Become a detective and unfold the mystery in the story by reading it.

What I like:

1. The picturesque description of the beautiful places of Rajasthan.
2. The contrasting personalities of Shamsher and Saaya are tied with a string called ‘love’.
3. Good combination of all feelings and emotions.

What I didn’t like:

1. The story seemed to drag at some places and monotonous.
2. The extra dip of drama could have been curbed at some places in the story.


All the characters in the story are plotted well with an ample amount of weight.


An interesting narration is found in the story but with some unwanted drama.

Language & Grammar:

Fine language and grammar are used in the book, Call Me Saaya.

Final Verdict:

A nice one-time readable love story.


Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

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