Book Review: ‘Diamonds and Stones’ by Navreet Sran

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Book Title: Diamonds and Stones: An Unlikely Story
Author: Navreet Sran
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 202
ISBN: 978-9357021647
Date Published: Jun. 05, 2023
Price: INR 229

Diamonds and Stones by Navreet Sran Book Cover

Book Review

Diamonds and Stones” is an enthralling tale about Meera Sharma and her struggle to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns. Meera’s ambitions of becoming a pilot are put on hold as she grows up as an obedient and dutiful daughter in a family where her father displays his power. Despite her dissatisfaction, Meera accepts a safe but unfulfilling 9-to-5 job at Shah Industries, where she unthinkingly obeys her father’s orders.

The author, Navreet Sran, expertly navigates the story’s complexity, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Unlike regular boy-meets-girl stories, “Diamonds and Stones” distinguishes itself with its unique premise. As her father excitedly encourages the two to spend time together, the arrival of Aniket Saxena into Sharma’s life raises the potential of an alliance between him and Meera. However, an unanticipated occurrence on a business trip to the Shah’s Saharanpur plant significantly changes the course of the narrative.

Meera’s life takes a dark turn in the novel when she is abducted, putting her in a world where she meets interesting personalities like Sumer, Emre, Sahil, and Haza, leading to changes in her relationships and viewpoints. The extensive explanations of aircraft, gun types, and flight-related vocabulary demonstrate the author’s commendable painstaking study. The author masterfully establishes the tense tone from the start, vividly illustrating Meera’s traumatic meeting with her abductor, bringing readers into the action and inspiring pity for her dangerous plight.

It’s also interesting how the author depicts Meera as a character shaped by social constraints and expectations from her family. Meera has continually given up her goals to follow her parents’ desires as an obedient daughter. The moving examination of her abandoned dream of becoming a pilot is a potent remark on the influence of outside factors on personal decisions. Additionally, the intricate family dynamics of Meera, particularly her bond with her twin brother Sunny, give the whole story additional depth and complexity.

One of the book’s highlights is its flawless grammar and punctuation, which elevates the reading experience. Furthermore, the book’s cover design contributes to its attractiveness, with embossed fonts and modest yet sophisticated images in the backdrop grabbing the reader’s attention. While the work excels in many areas, one minor issue is the shortness of the Epilogue. Readers could have enjoyed a few extra lines to wrap up loose ends and provide more insight into Meera’s new life, bringing the story to a close.

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Finally, “Diamonds and Stones” is an enjoyable book demonstrating the author’s narrative skill. It deviates from traditional clichés and skilfully incorporates aspects such as Stockholm syndrome, surprising and entertaining readers. This book is a must-read if you’re looking for a unique and well-researched tale with unexpected twists.

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