Book Review: Disclosure – A Rape Victim’s Resolute Revelation


Book Title: Disclosure – A Rape Victim’s Resolute Revelation

Author: Sheo Nath

Format: Paperback


ISBN & Edition: 9391317421 & 1st

Genre: Fiction

No.of pages: 151

Rating:  4/5

About the Book

Disclosure by Sheo Nath
Disclosure – A Rape Victim’s Resolute Revelation

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This book by author Sheo Nath marks the amazing journey of the trial and tribulations of the central women character, a rape victim.

About the Author

Sheo Nath is an M.Phil degree holder in Economics and MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management, Sheo (Shiv) Nath has all the sensibility to empathize and feel for others. His earlier story collection, ‘Tukdon mein Prem Kahani’ in Hindi, was published in 2008. He was deeply moved by the rape incident of Dec 16, 2012, and thereafter.

sheo nath
Sheo Nath

The feeling has taken shape in the form of the novel ‘Disclosure – A Rape Victim’s Resolute Revelation‘. His forthcoming books are ‘Minimizing Unhappiness’, ‘White Sand, Blue Waters, and Wet Kisses’, and ‘A Conversational Sojourn’. The collection of his poems ‘Aasmaan Ka Guroor’ is in the process of publication. He can be reached on FB – random writings, and Twitter – @esenbrain for feedback, talks on gender sensitization, practical success mantras, or happiness generation for self and others.

What to Expect

  • Expect a book that showcases the mentality of the public, the commoners, and the institutions that run the country.
  • Expect a book that shows the power of media, print media, and social media.
  • Expect a book that explains the cumbersome plight of the country’s security personnel.
  • Expect a book that provokes every mind.

Who Can Read

This book is strictly for adults and to those readers who are fine with content that depicts reality. The language in the book is not an easy-going one. Though the book talks all about reality, only strong-minded people will be able to digest the facts and incidents mentioned. Therefore, strict scrutiny and a balanced thought process are a must to read this book.

My Thoughts

This novel by author Sheo Nath is a realistic description of a woman who has been molested physically and brutally. The word rape is used in the book so many times to describe the reality that while penning this review, my hands are shaking to re-visit the cruelties mentioned. The story is of a woman who, from the moment of the crystal crime, comes to her senses mentally and physically and builds herself piece after piece.

The story surely makes the reader empathize with the central character and feel the pain and anguish of the victim. The victim later regains her courage and starts her life as a professional psychologist. She then meets many people who are victims of every kind of abuse, irrespective of gender and age.

Later, her correspondence with a lady from the US, Jennifer, explains the sad condition of women globally through emails. A lady from Ghana also explains the plight of women in her country. The book is a reflection of sick minds and hopeless traditions that harm and hurt women.

How is the Narration

The narration is the heart and brain of this book. Right from the deep explanations of gruesome crimes to the psychological damages, everything is explained in a crystal clear manner. While some readers may complain about the detailed descriptions and the powerful language, the book has quality content to be read, learned, and understood.

About the Characters

This is one such book where there is no particular main character. But there is one central character through whom the readers read the book. The readers travel with from the first page, embrace her and feel her pain too. There are many other characters that get introduced into the story, some of which have direct interaction with the readers and some don’t.

The best part is the central character’s name is revealed maybe only twice in the whole story. Thus, the author made an important point that the narration and the story are more important than the characters. For a debutante, this is quite a brave attempt.

Writing Style

This is no usual book or an easy one. It takes a lot of courage to bring up such content and story. Foremost, I thank and congratulate the publisher who has been supportive to the author for bringing out the book. On the contrary, I feel a little sad that the book has not reached many readers. The book is very relatable in an Indian context.

Seeing from the tagline, it is understood that the story is a woman’s. There are so many places in the book where the readers can either feel relatable on a personal level or a superficial level. The state of social media and its response during a crisis is explained realistically.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Simple language, adequate vocabulary, and attractive writing are found in the book. The powerful language used in the book is also dealt with care.

What did I like

1. The plotline.

2. The central character and her personality.

3. The issues both men and women face and some solutions, though not permanent, are mentioned.

4. The approach and the positive attitude by the characters towards every unfortunate situation in the book.

5. Showcasing the issue of women as a global issue is much appreciated.

What Could Have Been Better

The story is a great one to read without any drawbacks.

Entertainment Quotient

It is a realistic story that must be read by everyone! It has so much to brood, think, act and implement.

Pick it if

  • You are comfortable reading realistic stories that have a powerful language
  • You like to read social issues in a story-telling format.

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