Book Review – Dreams Of A Dark Warrior By Kresley Cole


Title: The Dreams of a Dark Warrior

Goodreads rating: 4.4/5

About the Book:

‘The Dreams of a Dark Warrior’, the Kresley Cole romance cum fantasy work, had rolled out into the readers’ world on the 11th of Feb, 2011. Through her novel, the New York Times bestseller Kresley takes us on a fantasy ride, a ride that narrates the tale of ‘Regin the radiant’ and her beloved Adian.


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The ‘Dreams Of A Dark Warrior’ is the 11th book of Cole’s IDA series, the story of eternal love.“He’d vowed he’d come for her”… “And she awaits his return” – a Valkyrie awaiting the return of her berserker. Met centuries ago, Regin the radiant (an immortal) and Aidan the fierce (mortal foraging immortality) was cursed never to be together. The results have always proved fatal for Aidan in each and every rebirth of his. Would it be any different this time?

Aiden is reborn, this time as a brutal Celtic soldier, vowed to hunt down what is left of the immortals. Just as always, there is no trace of past-life memories in him. The reincarnation, Declan Chase, who portrays an exasperated warrior, is ‘driven by revenge’. On his road to destroy the immortal world, he captures Regin, all set for the brutal examination. Will she be able to escape their torture? Is Chase ever going to remember the events of his past life?

About the Author:

Kresley Cole is one of the most celebrated American novelists, in fact, the number one New York Times bestseller for YA’s and fantasy-romance. She is most widely known for her ‘Immortals of the dead’, a paranormal series with Dreams of a Dark Warrior being apart. She was bestowed with the RWA awards, thrice, thereby getting her name inscribed in the RWA hall of fame in 2009. Her books have been translated to over 23 different languages.

My Verdict:

If you are among those few for whom Valkyries, Vampires, and all those mystical characters seem to live, then, IDA series is a perfect shot. I had picked up ‘The Dreams of a Dark Warrior’ at the Bookchor exhibition, without quite knowing it had prequels. This played a major role in making it a bit difficult for me to place the missing jigsaws (especially the characters mentioned). Still, I’d say the book is pretty much a standalone and you can give it a read even if you haven’t read numbers 1-10. The plot, characters (the good and irritating ones), the flow, each and everything is simply commendable. The book was capable of keeping me glued to it. Even so, there were times when I got so jaded with the hero, Declan Chase, and the plot seemed never-ending. I would give a 4.5 for the whole resonance the read gives.

The fact of Interest: Storyline for the movie Fallen, released in 2016, is somewhat similar to the story of Regin and Aiden

The Review first appeared in Storizen Magazine January 2019 Issue.