eat up, clean up by Manjari Chandra

Book Title: Eat up, Clean up: Your Personal Journey To A Healthy Life

Author: Manjari Chandra

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts

The plan to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle is mostly all in theory in everyone’s life, but when it comes to the execution, it fades. There are many reasons for not following a health and diet regime, but excuses are dangerous than the reasons. Often, people replace the reasons with excuses and thus lose interest and further lose confidence in themselves. Self-pity is also one of the dangerous factors that make a person suffer both physically and mentally. But, some people have a strong determination and decide to change their lifestyle, starting with a diet plan and exercise. Here comes the important thing called ‘nutrition’.

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What is nutrition?

Nutrition is defined as the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances. Essential nutrients include protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

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If all the nutrients mentioned above are taken in the required quantities, it is called a balanced diet. The concept of a balanced diet has been forgotten now due to lifestyle changes. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy, and wise is all reversed now due to the advent of technology and new work culture. The sleep pattern and eating pattern have all gone haywire that results in an unhealthy lifestyle. Better late than never must be the motto that everyone should think about.

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Some books like this will surely help an individual to understand the importance of nutrition. But again here, sometimes taking opinions from experts will enhance the quality of the changes that one wants to implement. Thus the role of a nutritionist is important in one’s life. There have been many health care centers that solely propose good nutrition and assign dedicated nutritionists. These also include gyms, hospitals, and corporate companies. Due to the pandemic, the nutritionists have changed their way of consultation with their patients, and thus many are benefiting even in these days of social distancing.

This book – eat up, Clean up if read and followed thoroughly, will definitely help in bringing some change in one’s life. Thanks to the author for writing this book.

What to expect from the book

As the title of the book suggests, to eat good and healthy food makes one’s body get rid of harmful toxins and cleanses up the body, which in turn accounts for good health. Dues to lifestyle changes and uneven food habits, the amount of unhealthy conditions and especially obesity has taken a huge curve of increase in society. Irrespective of age and gender, everyone is falling prone to dreaded diseases caused by overweight and harmful habits of food and sleep.

This book is well researched and sought out with loads of information, practical cases, facts, and figures related to the good and evil of food. The author has articulated the ill effects of fried foods, packaged foods, and frozen foods. Every chapter has lots of information to be learned, known, understood, and implemented.

The chapters also have tables, tips, quotes, and little liners that work as flashcards while reading and thus sit in the readers ‘ minds.

Who can read

The book is intended for a universal audience. Anyone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, starting with a change in food habits, can happily read the book. The best part is the author Manjari Chandra, who herself is a nutritionist doesn’t want anyone to starve in the name of diet but suggests eating good food that supplies all the important and healthy nutrients in a balanced manner to the body.

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How good is the author’s writing style

With the usage of easy language with attractive and pleasing information and examples in the book, author Manjari Chandra has presented the book in an alluring manner. Also, talking about the cover page, which is very natural and colorful, the book is a treat to those people who wish to makeshift their body, mind, and body.

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How entertaining is the book

This book – eat up, Clean up describes various types of nutrients, their importance in daily diet. The information is given in the book if when followed with through discipline, one can become not only healthy but also disease(s) free. One of the important chapters in the book is about ‘ Cancer ‘. Putting aside the cause and effects of the dreaded disease, the author shares good information about what type and kind of diet and food regime is to be followed by the person diagnosed with cancer. The cancer patient’s diet is very complex and is to be carefully maintained. For this, in this book author has given good information. There are also some customized diet plans mentioned. Also, many types of diet programs like cardio-diet, neuro-diet, etc. are in the book. Thus, the book is informative and entertaining.

Final Verdict

A well-researched book on nutrition and its advantages!



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