Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo the Wizard by Rajesh Talwar

Book Title: Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo the Wizard

Author: Rajesh Talwar

Format: Kindle

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo the Wizard‘ is interesting and exciting.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is an animated representation of the characters of the story. The characters of both protagonists and the antagonist(s) are depicted in the title. The colorful apparel of the characters appeals to the reader and thus creates interest to read the book.

Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo the Wizard by Rajesh Talwar

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My review:

Of late, I have been liberal in my choice of choosing books. Maybe, due to COVID times, books are helping me out to scrap off the pressure. I have read many books from this genre, the fantasy genre to which I have always been reluctant. This book ‘Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo the Wizard‘ by Rajiv Talwar did not disappoint me. The book is a perfect choice for the readers who are more into fantasy fiction mixed up with adventure and magic.

In this book, what I liked is the story. Typically, the story is taken a back seat, but the narration is always the best when it comes to such fantasy fiction. Likewise, here I enjoyed the fantasy world creation. The readers are easily lost in the beautiful world created by the author in the story. The descriptions were so rich and fabulous, especially the emotions and the actions. It is no doubt that the reader reading would actually feel hungry.

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An insight into the story:

The story is set up in the kingdom of Nonamia. On an unfortunate day, the King and the Queen are kidnapped. Princess Samara is brave enough to fight against every odd and evil to get her parents back home safely. This is where the fight between good and evil starts.

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Narration and Characters:

The story then takes a pace, and the readers along with Samara travel to places and meet her friends who are manifested with magical powers. With a nice combination of friendship and responsibility, the author has crafted the character of Samara very beautifully. The word Nonamia caught my attention. No-Namia if is separated, looks like No Name. Here, the author’s wittiness and intelligence are reflected. Usually, writers take pains to name the characters and the places they chose to explain their stories, but here Rajiv has done the task so easily. Coming to the name Samara, which means battle or fight aptly suits the princess. Not to forget the bird, Khabar which again means news. Such nuances are very interesting in the book.

How good is the author’s writing style

Author Rajiv Talwar is a very good writer. His previous books and works have proved the same. His command over the English language perfectly fits this type of fantasy – adventure stories. His narration and the details of the characters, scenes, and emotions exhibited is just impeccable. The language he uses is so attractive. This is my first book of his; I have completely fallen in love with his writing style. The language and scenic representation of the story are so good that a reader can’t stop falling in love with his writing. I was never a fan of such a genre book, but of late, I started reading for various reasons.

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In this book, the story’s thematic approach and sequences are very interesting. The book gives a vivid moving story that enthralls the readers once they finish it reading. For many good reasons, I decided to read his other books irrespective of any notions on this genre.

How entertaining is the book

This book always leaves the readers excited after every chapter. The fantasy world outside the kingdom Nonamia is quite fascinating and elaborate. It’s a complex world full of its own mysteries which are best discovered slowly. In this book, the readers who are lovers of fantasy fiction tell them a fascinating story full of adventures, magic, and mysteries.

My Final Verdict:

The story of adventure, magic and fantasy!

My  Rating: 4/5

(Reviewed for Storizen Magazine by Swapna Peri)

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