Book Review: Fast, Cheap and Viral by Aashish Chopra


Book Title: Fast, Cheap and Viral: How to Create Game-Changing Content on a Shoestring Budget
Author: Aashish Chopra

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Fast, Cheap, and Viral‘ is innovative and informative.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a solid bright yellow colored background with text in black. The bright yellow gives a punch to pick up the book.

About the author
Aashish Chopra is an award-winning viral video marketer, having made and marketed videos with millions of shares and gazillion views. His videos have hit 350 million views, with one becoming Asia’s most shared branded Facebook post and another hitting 40 million views in a week. He’s a sought-after speaker on viral video marketing and was featured in Forbes. He heads content marketing at Ixigo.

About the book: In Fast, Cheap, and Viral, the ace marketer shares the secrets behind his success – all of them learned and honed on his journey. This one-stop super-guide to viral video marketing gives you the low-down on:
HOW TO GRAB EYEBALLS in a sea of content;
HOW TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT (because views can be bought, but engagement is earned);
WHY STORYTELLING BEATS PRODUCTION VALUE and behind-the-scenes tips and tricks;
HOW TO BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND and kill job insecurity. For every student, entrepreneur, blogger, marketing manager, or leader who dreams of reaching millions on a shoestring budget, this book is the definitive manual on sustainable viral success.

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My review:

His video has gone viral, her photo has gone viral are the lines that are heard often these days. What does viral mean? It means the speed with which the information is being passed on but not like in some movie the man thinks it is about viral fever! Back in days, women were teased to be the carriers of news faster than the B.B.C. channel. Thanks to the internet which has lashed out this myth. Now everyone is equally participating in sharing news and thus making it viral. More than mouth publicity it is the internet that is responsible for the spread of news and information at a faster speed.

In this book, the author explains how to create viral content and especially viral videos that have quality content with maximum information within the very minute span of time.  Somewhere in the chapters, he quotes it takes 8 seconds for a viewer to decide whether the video is worth watching or not. Because of the Brahmastra called swiping up and down on a touch screen phone, the viewer has full control over his choice and decision of what to watch and what not to. Thus, the below main topics are being sorted out to pioneer in the world of competition.

The points like –

1. Making the content share-worthy is one of the finest topics the author has discussed in part #2. It is the users who can create anything viral and big but not the creators. And hence, the focus must be on the creators who have to create. The quality content saves distribution costs instead of the users paying to watch it.

2. Selecting share-worthy topics is another important thing he mentioned. Inspirational, celebrating and timely topical content is to be more focused and with a new abbreviation (not exactly ) IUCTC is what he proposes to the readers to achieve a greater amount of user engagement.

3. For getting instant attention and impression creating worthy thumbnails is most important is what the author says in his next chapter. He stresses here on the time the user gets connected with the thumbnail. Therefore the aesthetics to be used in creating a nice thumbnail is very important.

4. Though the video lasts for a few seconds it is the storytelling in it is an important aspect.  When people watch the video on mute, the content must portray the intention.

5. Aashish also gives the easiest way of creating good content using mobile phones themselves. Also, he gives an explanation in giving the differences between square and rectangular videos.

6. The next chapter is all about distributing the content. The effective ways of distributing without much financials included are given in the book.

Many things can be learned from the following chapters about branding etc. 

Points I really like:
1. The intention of writing the book is pretty clear. It is to help and guide people who want to create quality content especially videos online
2. The power of social media is well articulated
3. The tips and tricks given are very informative and educative
4. More than just a theoretical approach, the author has presented his own trials, failures, and experiences
5. Subtly the author explains to his readers not to worry if a job is lost or you find yourself in the crossroads of life but be real, confident and strong
6. Every chapter there is a takeaway either for a started or for an experienced person.
7. Almost in every chapter, it is explained how mobile phones are extremely used and how internet usage is widely spread across the country
8. The author makes you travel from Mumbai local trains till Goa with his experiences
9. The book seems to be a light read with lots of information
10. The importance of content in every piece of work that will go online is explained profusely.

Points of concern:
1. At some points, the language is found too casual with some unwanted vocabulary
2. In some places, the information in the book is very basic which might not please the experienced people who create online video content.

A very witty, easy, understandable, and relatable narration is found in the book. Maybe the author has penned his own journey the writing seems to be honest and not fancy. The drawings in between the pages look like the author’s original notes!

Language & Grammar:
A very simple language with is very casual is found in the book. What I really liked is the technical terms used, office and workplace-related vocabulary and some quote like sentences which are also mentioned as highlight points in the chapters.

My Final Verdict:
A good guide for beginners who blog, vlog, and create videos.

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Book Cover:
Inside the book:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

Reviewed by Swapna Peri

This book review was first published in Storizen Magazine April 2020 issue