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Book Title: From Pony To Unicorn

Author: Sanjeev Aggarwal & T.N.Hari

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

This book, ‘From Pony to Unicorn‘ describes different components of scale and the levers that founders of a company generally have with them for their start-ups to grow and sustain the competition. The authors of the book explain many real-time examples that include risk-taking scenarios and risk-management scenarios. Becoming a unicorn is not the goal, as the title might seem to suggest. The authors used very accessible language to explain to the young and budding entrepreneurs what virtues and solid business principles make the company grow despite competition.


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The book also comprises interesting anecdotes that comfort the readers and understand the principles that are to be implemented. The authors have made every effort to give a realistic scenario of how start-ups start and progress. In this book, the investors, employees, and entrepreneurs, everyone has takeaways.

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In this book, ‘FromPony to Unicorn‘ by Hari and Sanjeev, the readers get to know the journeys of selected Startups and their progress. The selected start-ups give the readers an idea of their journey and growth and the lessons learned in this course of the journey. The book is undoubtedly a treasure chest of many experiences, contributions, and lessons.

The Startup world incorporates various factors that every entrepreneur should consider. Although many books in the market focus on the same, this book is a step further that gives you practical examples of some famous start-ups and their journeys in the authors Hari and Sanjeev’s words. This book has all the elements for a person to step-up and start his journey.

The book consists of twelve chapters that delve deeper into everything that a start-up must know.
A foreword by the very famous businessman, Nandan Nilkeni adds more thrust to read and understand the book. In the last chapters, the book focuses on ten principles that the authors want the readers to read, understand and implement.

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Final Verdict

Best recommended for entrepreneurs and start-up founders.



[Reviewed by Swapna Peri]

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