Book Review: G for Gobar by Sagar Mavani


Book Title: G for Gobar

Author: Sagar Mavani

Format: Paperback

Published By: Book Street Publications

ISBN & Edition: 9391317294 & 1st

Genre: Fiction

No.of pages: 285

Rating: 3/5

About the Book

Before the Modi government set up Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog in 2019, three young adults from Mumbai had recognized cows as natural and national wealth. Satvik Patel, reeling under the burden of crippling debts and weighty family responsibilities, feels disconnected from everything around. Desperations to end his financial crisis soar high.

G for Gobar
G for Gobar

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His office friends Anish and Gaurav, finding that ‘Gobar’ – cow dung cakes-can pay off his debts and solve all his life problems, ask him to quit his job. Will Satvik quit his survival kit job for some smelly dung cakes? What is so special about them?

About the Author

Sagar Mavani has been a Hollywood celebrity, having featured in many flop English movies.

sagar mavani
Sagar Mavani

He enjoys having such poor but pleasant dreams and, upon waking up, sees the stark reality of living a bourgeois family life and paying taxes to the government. An MBA in the past, and Internet meme-maker in the present, he tweets in the morning, perform standup in the evening, and pens down his thoughts in the night.

What to Expect

  • Expect a book that is relevant to today’s situation in the country.
  • Expect a book that augments the famous notion today in the country.
  • Expect a story that will please a set of people who believe in some prevalent aspects.

Who Can Read

The story of G for Gobar is written in a universal language, and it can be read by readers of ages above 12. The story is relevant in these times when cow dung is appreciated and is propagated for many things. Apart from manure, there are various uses of the cow dung or the Gobar, and this is deciphered in the story in an unusual manner.

My Thoughts

Author Sagar Mavani has scripted an interesting story with enough drama and humor in the story. The humor that he presented is the plight of the middle-class families in this country who work hard to make their ends meet. Thus, these incidents are relatable. The readers will surely identify themselves in the paragraphs in the story.

The term Gobar in Indian Culture, or the tradition of using cow dung, is still prevalent in most of the 3 tier towns and villages of India, as mentioned in the story. The book may not please everyone, but a one-time read is recommended.

book street publications

How is the Narration?

The narration is lively and relatable. Many things that are now in news, media, and reality are explained in a story-telling fashion. The engaging narration makes the book readable.

About the Characters

The story talks about the lives of three friends, Satwik, Gaurav, and Anish. All of them are almost dead inside with the jammed corporate jobs and wanted a way out. Miraculously and quite shockingly, they find a solution to their problems in Gobar. While this is the crux, Gobar also becomes a character apart from the three characters. The three friends represent many individuals that happen around us.

Writing Style

Simple and hassle-free writing is found in the story. Sagar Mavani’s writing style is engaging. The elaborate and vivid descriptions of events, other characters, and elements in the story make the book readable. The honest writing style makes the book surreal. But at some places, detailed descriptions looked boring. Crisp writing could have helped.

Grammar & Vocabulary

The language is simple, easy, and moderate. The book thus can be read by beginners also.

What did I like

1. The title and the cover page

2. The language used

3. The relevance of the incidents in today’s date

What Could Have Been Better

Crispiness in descriptions could have made the story a little better.

Entertainment Quotient

The drama, the relevance, the village backdrop, and some such things that are missing in city life are definitely entertaining.

Pick it if

  • You like feel-good drama stories
  • You wish to read books that act as escape ways from pressure

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