Book Review: Go Start-up by Karan Kashyap


Book Title: Go Start-Up: Your Best Guide to Unlocking the Values and Culture of Success
Author: Karan Kashyap
Format: Kindle

About the book:

Go Start-up by Karan Kashyap Book Cover

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In today’s times, the most valuable currency for a start-up is the environment it creates and fosters, for its clients as well as for its employees. Be it Droom, upGrad, OYO Hotels & Homes, or Swiggy, the founders of all such successful companies have leveraged the golden rule of protecting and promoting their organization’s values and culture systems to help transform their enterprises into the fabled Unicorns, and in the process garnered enormous goodwill in the market as well as inspired prospective entrepreneurs to achieve the much-coveted start-up success.

About the author:

The author is a well-renowned business journalist; he is one of the most established contributors for Forbes, where he covers start-ups, investors, and entrepreneurs in South Asia. His written pieces have been cited in research journals such as IDRBT by Duvvuri Subbarao, Former Governor, RBI, in reports by IBM, South China Morning Post, Tech in Asia, and the Harvard Business School.

It led him to become one of the 30 leaders in Asia, a Fellow at the Swedish Institute Management Program (SIMP), a Jury member for the Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon, and a Panellist on the Aljazeera channel in America. He has been trained by the United Nations for providing skill development to international migrants and refugees in their entrepreneurial ventures.

He has studied entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bootcamp and is a mentor at the Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission, where he conducts lessons on values-driven entrepreneurship. In his free time, he enjoys amassing cultural masks, playing darts for Trinidad and Tobago team, and practicing Japanese linguistic skills.

Book Review:

Jumping straight into the review of the book, Go Start-up by Karan Kashyap, the contents are divided into three sections, and each section has sub-topics. Everyone wants to be the exception and become successful. But for a startup or even building a multimillion-dollar company in 12 months simply isn’t an easy thing. 

The companies that seem like overnight success stories flew under the radar for several years before finding their big break. This is the main mantra that one must understand. Keeping in view this point, the first section in the book – ‘MINDSET’ explains the importance of personality traits that help in building the base plan.

Naming the company, understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses, creating a support structure with fellow people, and most importantly, family support is some of the key points to be kept in mind.

An excerpt from the second chapter:

Positivity and letting go of one’s ego. While contemplating over mistakes, your ego plays an important role in the manner you deal with setbacks. It can prevent you from accepting the facts, taking responsibility for the debacle, or correcting your action. It can create conflicts and color your outlook that distorts the way you think. Ego is like a balloon, if you feed it beyond a point, it will explode, and you will self-destruct. It leads you to become overconfident—overestimating strengths and underestimating weaknesses.

Consequently, taming this monster cultivates humility and helps founders to accept failures and learn from them. Entrepreneurs treat failures, mistakes, and setbacks as integral parts of learning important lessons in this profession. They try to accept and comprehend the reasons for failures without getting disheartened and introspected via questions like: what can I learn from this? Or how can this be useful to me, instead of pessimistically reacting to thoughts like ‘it cannot get any worse, ‘I am done for, and ‘this is really terrible.


One of the highlights in this book, Go Start-up by Karan Kashyap, is the language used. The book is easily accessible to all those young entrepreneurs because of the contents written with examples and real-time experiences. The characters mentioned in every situation of every chapter make the explanation realistic. Positive traits on a personal level to develop a cordial inter-personal relationship with the customers, colleagues, vendors, and clients is very important.

Author Karan Kashyap’s attempt to bring out this book is a boon to those young entrepreneurs looking out for confidence and a helping hand in times of dire need of inspiration. The book is recommended to all those young people who look for some tips to understand the hidden tricks to understand the business and its structure.

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