Book Review Heal With Foods Improve Your Gut Health (1)

Book Title: Heal with Foods: Magical Ingredients that Will Change Your Life

Author: Manjari Chandra

Format: Kindle

Published By: Rupa Publications

ASIN & Edition: B09RF1PPSL & 1st

Genre: Non-fiction

No.of pages: 256

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

Heal with Foods puts the focus on gut health for promoting overall well-being. It takes the reader on the journey of exploration, reflecting on factors that influence our diet and gut health. Deeply researched and full of nutritional insights, the book highlights life-changing ingredients that can serve as a magical remedy for preventing and reversing chronic diseases while enhancing general well-being.

Heal with Foods by Manjari Chandra
Heal with Foods by Manjari Chandra

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Acclaimed nutritionist Manjari Chandra offers a revolutionary book that will make you rethink the foods you buy and gain a fresh perspective on nutrition as a core facet of healing and being healthy.

About the Author:

Manjari Chandra is a functional nutritionist, wellness coach, and author of the book, Eat Up, Clean Up. She is also the founder of Manjari Wellness—a platform providing holistic consultation to help people lead an active lifestyle through proper nutrition. Manjari works as a consultant functional nutritionist at Daivam Wellness and has offered her services at leading hospitals in India, including Max Healthcare, Manipal Hospital, Columbia Asia, and many more.

Manjari Chandra

Having more than 20 years of experience, she has been at the forefront, advocating changes in lifestyle and eating wholesome food rich in nutrition. Her contributions to the field have helped her win the Global Choice Awards 2021, ‘Women Icon of the Year (Wellness Author and Coach), ASSOCHAM award for ‘Popular Consultant in the field of Wellness and Nutrition, and many others.

She has also appeared as a health expert on multiple television channels, including NDTV, India Today, Zee Business, Mirror Now, and AajTak. Manjari lives in New Delhi with her husband and two brilliant daughters.

What to Expect:

  • Expect a book that talks about having a healthy diet to lead a healthy life.
  • Expect a book that gives an account of foods that will help you improve your gut health and heal many ailments.
  • Expect a book that explains the importance of traditional cooking and recipes.

Who Can Read:

The book is meant for all people who want to stay healthy, improve their overall gut health irrespective of age and gender. Many books come under this topic, but some interesting explanations make this book unique.

My Thoughts:

Every book has its own way of sharing information. In this book also, author Manjari Chandra gives the readers a comprehensive guide that talks about food, nutrition, and how you can heal your body with the right foods. The book is well researched in every aspect.

Writing Style:

The book, Heal with Foods is written in a very cheerful and non-preachy tone. The book and its contents look assuring and calming. Author Manjari sticks to facts and gives a practical approach that connects with daily life. She not only just provides a diet with a chart but clears some myths that are rampantly shared across all the media.

She nudges all these myths with the proper explanations in a scientific manner. She touched on many types of diets, the ins, and outs of every diet, and attached advantages/disadvantages. All these are explained in simple language that can be understood by any reader who wants to integrate their life with sound health.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

The language and the vocabulary used in this book are simple and accessible. This simple writing makes the book readable.

What Did I Like:

1. The chapters are divided into parts that look interesting.

2. The third part talks about ingredients that work like magic.

3. The language used.

What Could Have Been Better:

There are no drawbacks to the book.

Entertainment Quotient:

The book focuses on well-being and a healthy lifestyle and showcases the magical ingredients that will improve your gut health. Who can say no to such a book? Thus the book is a definite entertainer.

Pick it if:

  • You like to read books on health and diet.
  • You want to change your lifestyle and food habits.

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