Book Review Long Run by T. Sathish

Book Title: Long Run: A Paradise Augmented

Author: T.Sathish

Format: Paperback


ISBN & Edition: 9391317510 & 1st

Genre: Fiction

No.of pages: 177

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

Long Run: A Paradise Augmented
Long Run: A Paradise Augmented

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Long Run: A Paradise Augmented by T. Sathish is an exhilarating tale of Raghu Santhanam, obsessed with world finance. Being successful early in life, an accident changes his whole life. He becomes visually handicapped, and after that, life takes many new turns. This journey of him is the story.

About the Author:

T. Sathish - Author of Long Run
T. Sathish

T. Sathish is an IIM Calcutta, NIT Silchar alumnus, and an AVP in Cigniti Technologies. His first book, Life in the Sunshine (2019), was an immediate Amazon bestseller. His short stories ‘Looking for Bond’ (Amazon), ‘Hang in there (Juggernaut), and ‘Am I Free?’ (Juggernaut) are all highly rated and loved by readers.

Sathish is a voracious reader with an appetite for a wide range of topics. As a diehard cricket fan and expert, Sathish writes on Cricket in The Roar (, a popular Australian sports platform, as TSat.

What to Expect:

  • Expect a simple yet sweet love story that is intertwined with the protagonist’s dreams.
  • Expect a lifetime lesson facing all the hardships with perseverance.
  • Expect a comeback story where life seemed to stand still once, but the protagonist never backed-off

Who Can Read:

The book is written in a simple language and can be easily picked up by a beginner-level reader. The story has ample drama that will appeal to all levels of readers.

My Thoughts:

Life is not always a bed of roses with carefully trimmed thorns; sometimes, roses become dry and poke the life. This is exactly what happened with the protagonist Raghu in Long Run. Raghu Santhanam is a fund guru who is visually handicapped. Why is he handicapped dates back to his early days in the profession? His monstrous zeal to play well in the stock market explains his personality and life. His being alone without a partner dates back to his college life.

The actual story starts when Anjali reaches Raghu, the fund guru. The story showcases the life of a management graduate, the lifestyle, the friends, the hard decisions to be taken, and much more. Man known incidents pertaining to the world market are listed in the story. Thus, the story looks believable rather than just a work of fiction.

How is the Narration:

Long Run oscillates between multiple timelines and has pros and cons. A beginner-level reader might get confused. But then the story takes a jump suddenly. After a certain point, the narration seemed to manage, and the story went forward at a moderate pace. If those initial chapters are dealt with with patience and let the story sink in, readers will have a good experience. The narration is engaging, and the message the story gives is positive.

About the Characters:

The story has some central characters. The characters have their personalities and scope as classmates, Ram, Eshwar, Niranjan, Anuradha (Anu) & Raghu. These characters depict the lives and characteristics of the usually found college students.

Thus, readers can relate to themselves. Raghu Anu’s love story will remind most readers of many memories. Also, introducing these characters at certain levels in the story flow is appreciable.

Writing Style:

Set in three different periods, during the era of IT rising, stock-market uprising and technological advancements in the country during the 90s, the book certainly beckons the minds. Long Run introduces the reader to the lives of college, the profession, and the aftermath of tough days.

Though there were places where the story was confusing, the overall impression of the writing was positive. In the previous book that I read from the author, life in the Sunshine, his writing style captivated my mind. Similarly, barring the conflicts, writing is charming and interesting.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

Simple language with adequate vocabulary is used in the book. A beginner-level reader can also pick up the book, and certain terms related to the stock market can be referred to from anywhere for better understanding.

What did I like:

  1. The language.
  2. The positive affirmation.
  3. The pre-and post-accident phase and its effect on Raghu’s mind.

What Could Have Been Better:

Fine-tuning in oscillating between the periods would have curbed the confusion that the readers might have felt. Otherwise, the book is an excellent read!

Entertainment Quotient:

There is college life, there is a love story, there are stocks and investments, and there is good drama. What more a reader can ask for. Go for Long Run!

Pick It If:

  • You like stories that have good drama
  • You like it if the stories are set in different periods

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