Book Title: Myths and Legends From Around The World

Author: Sowmya Rajendran

Format: Kindle

Sometimes being a dimwit or a child lost in the past times is what I love to become. And this is entirely possible when I read children’s books. This might look funny, but the reason for reading the young people’s literature has two advantages. One is it helps me forget the reality for a small amount of and the second is to understand how the books enhance a kid’s mind and thoughts.

When I first started reading this book, I did not realize the magic it is going to do. The first story in the book How Nu Wa created the world?, from China blew my mind. The vivid description, the intrinsic detailing, and the narration caught my attention. Since the lockdown, I have been reading excellent books, but deep down in mind, there is some unknown pressure due to the ongoing events in and around the world. Being a book from children’s literature, this book has hugged me with its fantastic stories and warmth.


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The book has twenty-two stories that belong to different places, and these are categorized into three. One being the Creation, the second is Conflict, and the third category is Churning. The story mentioned above from China falls under category one. Another story from the Churning category, which I liked is – ‘Andal’, an Indian story.

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How good is the author’s writing style

Author Sowmya is known for engaging narration and accessible language in her books. Her previous books have been reachable to young readers for attractive writing skills. In this book also, she has given the readers an ala-carte of short stories from all over the world. A consistent way of presenting good stories to the young minds is her strength, and in this book, which happens to be my second book of hers, her writing stays atop.

How entertaining is the book?

This book by Sowmya is basically targeted towards children and young kids who always come with questions like how did the world start, who created the world or how did humans come onto the earth. This is an example of how the author has shared with her reader’s many stories and tales that run on the myths across the world. I myself have found some stories absolutely stunning and interesting, which I admit I am unaware of.

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There is information, there is a wow factor, and there is knowledge in the stories. The stories are all around the world, which makes the book more interesting. All such points intersect and thus make the book ‘entertaining’.

Final Verdict

Informative, interesting and fascinating book!