Book Review: Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to the Podium


Book Title: Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to the Podium

Author: Arjun Singh Kadian

Format: Kindle

Published By: Rupa Publications India

ASIN & Edition: B09PDFPVS8 & First

Genre: Non-fiction

No.of pages: 208

Rating: 4/5

About the Book:

Neeraj Chopra from panipat to the podium by arjun singh kadian book cover
Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to the Podium

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Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to the Podium, this book takes the reader through the challenges of a sportsperson’s life and covers Neeraj’s journey in the right stead. The book gives an account of his life from his childhood, his initial days into sports in Panipat and the small victories that laid the path to the ultimate success. The book is a fascinating and inspiring read.

About the Author:

Arjun Singh Kadian is an academic and policy professional based out of offices in Haryana and Delhi. A geologist by training, he graduated from Hansraj College, University of Delhi, and is a gold medallist in his master’s degree. In addition to teaching, Arjun has worked at the chief minister’s office, Haryana and travelled widely across the region to understand the nuances of the state. Arjun is an alumnus of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and ZEIT-Stiftung. He is also a fellow at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Arjun is also involved with Indic Academy Rath Foundation projects and has initiated the Haryana Thinkers Forum. He has presented Haryana’s views on multiple platforms, both in print and digital.

What to Expect:

Biographies and memoirs are those books that have a long-lasting effect on the readers. I the book happens to be of their favourite personality, it’s a jackpot. There is some spark in reading biographies of personalities in sports or from the entertainment industry when talking about biographies. Likewise, this book on the Olympic Gold Medal winner – Neeraj Chopra’s book is an inspiring read.

What Neeraj Chopra has achieved will be remembered forever.

– Narendra Modi

Who can Read:

This book is intended for every Indian. It is not easy to win the Olympic Medal – Gold, and a mere 24-year-old male could achieve this. This is a remarkable victory, and a biography of such a person is a highly recommended one to read. I suggest this book to all the school children and youngsters.

Book Review:

With utmost respect, if one can get a copy of the book, read and feel proud of our country’s sportsmen, it is as good to appreciate the author’s work. The book is an excellent eyeopener to showcase the plight of a young and energetic person who wanted to bring a difference in life but had to undergo certain hardships in order to achieve his goals.

The book gives much more information about Neeraj, his family, and the rewards, accolades, and awards. His hard work finally paid off in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where he won a Gold Medal for the Javelin throw. Honoured Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi stated that – ‘What Neeraj Chopra has achieved will be remembered forever.’

Writing Style:

Author Arjun’s honest, articulated and inspiring writing helped the book to be more appealing. From the introduction section of the book, the author made a point to grab the readers’ minds. The writing looks fine with a bit of touch of the Hindi words here and there. The citations in some pages with their explanation at the bottom look more reader-friendly. The comfortable font style and page formatting appeal to the readers. The Kindle format is also comfortable to read.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

Colloquial language with a refined vocabulary makes the book accessible to readers of every age. Some historical and Yester years’ data included in the book adds up to the language constructs in a distinctive way.

What did I like:

The zeal and the interest of the author to present his readers and the people of the nation a more close encounter with the iconic person is fascinating. Of course, the book’s contents and language are also likeable.

What could have been better:

The book is just fine, and no drawbacks are found.

Entertainment Quotient:

Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to the Podium, provides a detailed account of the hard work that Chopra had to put in since the age of 12. Apart from fitness and nutrition, he had to focus on building emotional strength. Since he comes from a remote area that is away from certain facilities, especially the fine education, he had to travel long distances for training. As he grew older, he had to live away from his family in order to use the facilities available in cities. Many such more encounters prompt his hard work and determination. This book is inspiring and, yes, entertaining!

Pick it if:

  • you like to read a sports person’s biography
  • you like non-fiction books

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