No Matter What by Rohit Dawesar Cover (1)

Book Title: No Matter What… I Will Always Love You

Author: Rohit Dawesar

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

Love stories are those stories that are built like every story. They have a beginning, they have drama in it, and they have an ending. Isn’t it? But what makes a book based on love stories special? Is it love? Or is it the urge to meet that ‘special person’? Or is it the magic that love spreads in the air when two people who share soul connection come together?

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This story ‘No matter what‘ by Author Rohit Dawesar is a carefully crafted love story that happens between two people, who take care of every nuance in their relationship, nurture it and grow it. It is equivalent to growing a plant or a garden which starts from the sowing of a seed-stage until it bores a flower or a fruit. Such stories are honest, intense, and are blended with responsibility and conduct.

In this book, the protagonist’s Rishi and Mishika are people with clarity of life, clarity in thoughts, and transparent in their emotional quotient. However, intense the character portrayal, both are always teenagers at their heart. The story, like in every love story starts from college life, but the intelligence of the Author’s writing takes off from the moment both the characters meet.

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The feelings Mishika expresses when she actually meets Rishi is genuine and sweet. The phrase ‘actually meets’ holds importance here. Only if the story is read, it will be understood. The story is a balanced mixture of romance, humor, mystery, and social responsibility.

Also, this story focuses on some fundamental issues that society faces. There are situations in the story that question humanity. There are also scenes in the story that reflect the attitude of the society on the flip side. The story also has sweet moments, cute encounters, convincing descriptions, and thought-provoking circumstances.

This is Author Rohit Dawesar’s second novel. The first being one of my favorites, I could not resist reading his second book. His writing wondered me in his first book. I could see a considerable shift of progress when it comes to the narration in this book. I have always been the right audience for his writing on various social media platforms. His writing skills are close to reality with adequate amounts of fiction combined.

I recommend this novel to every reader who is always waiting to read a ‘good book which is a perfect entertainer’.

What to expect from the story?

Expect a nice love story.

Expect a story with a sweet romance.

Expect a story with unexpected twists.

Expect a story with honest feelings expressed.

Expect a story that makes the reader think.

Expect a story that questions the reader.

Expect a story with a thought-provoking message.

Who can read?

The story is written in a universal and accessible language that appeals to a reader of any age. The story will surely allure young adults and serious readers.

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What is the storyline?

It is a love story filled with dreams and cute emotions of Mishika and Rishi, who on every land they put their feet drape it with enormous love. But, on the day when they both were getting together, Mishika goes missing? Where did she go? Why did she go? How far can Rishi’s love take him to search and get to her? What all obstacles did he face? Read this incredible story to understand what pure and honest love can make a person fight against!

My take on the characters.

The characters are beautifully crafted with adequate amounts of strength, space, and scope. My favorite character is the little Inayat who represents a section of female children in the society who are exploited for various reasons and are subjected to pressure, which makes their lives as hard as hell. Author Rohit has taken much care in building the characters be it the central characters like Mishika, Rishi, VJ and Kasturi ( who comes in the latter part of the story ) or many other characters like Pyara Singh or Inayat or the Inspector Nikhil, all have their own story space to make the book an interesting one.

How good is the Author’s writing style?

This is my second book by the Author and incidentally happens to the second book of the Author too. But, I can indeed say that this is one of the best entertaining books I read in the ending days of 2020. Since the days of lockdown, I have been reading more on the non-fiction side or children’s books, though some new-age love stories but not such an entertaining one. With simple language and smooth narration, author Rohit just has excelled I had a great time reading his first book The Stupid Somebody, and now I loved reading it. His flawless attempt to keep the reader turn to the next page is worth mentioning.

How entertaining is the book?

Set in the lands of Manali, this love story is just not a story of love and cute moments but teaches actually what is being responsible in love means. The story is for everyone, and everything in the story is good to feel, talk about, and experience.

Final Verdict

A love story you can’t give a miss!

Rating: 4/5

[Reviewed by Swapna Peri]

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