Book Review: Our Love Story by Rohit Sharma


Book Title: Our Love Story
Author: Rohit Sharma

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘Our Love Story‘ is charming and warming.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is of a couple in love standing with each other in passion. In the background, another couple is in a passionate embrace with beautiful scenery around. The title and the cover image create a magic spell and love is celebrated.

About the Author:

Rohit Sharma is a fiction/non-fiction writer, motivational speaker, and the best-selling author of ‘TeAmo… I Love You’, ’12 HOURS’, ‘Love of My Life’, and the recently released romance fiction ‘Our Love Story‘.

Love of My Life’ is his third fiction book, which is a dark Romantic-Crime-Thriller. After working on two romantic thrillers, Rohit has come up with an inspirational tale, in which he has touched yet another aspect of romance. Titled ‘Our Love Story, the book has just been released and is available on various online and book stores.

About the Book:

Veronica is done. Done trying to make as a model. Done with getting sexually harassed by casting directors. And done seeing her mother struggle to provide for her family. Tonight, everything ends. She teeters over the edge of the parapet, imagining how the Coldwater of the Arabian sea will take her breath away when she drowns. And then, she is stopped.

Our Love Story book cover
Our Love Story Book Cover

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By a man with an endearing smile and a guitar strapped to his back. Enter Aditya Bakshi. Aditya is the son of a filthy rich business tycoon, who lives each day like it’s his last. He seems to have it all, but behind his happy-go-lucky persona, he is hiding a painful secret. Both feel that they can’t be together. But will that stop them from falling in love? Our love story is a sensitive, romantic, and motivating story about selfless love and intricate relationships inspiring tale of love and heartbreak, hope and hopelessness, friendship and hatred, smiles and tears.

Book Review:

This is the story of Aditya, a gentleman with great virtues. Being the son of the richest man in the radius Aditya is a man with a heart made of gold. He always craves love hiding so much behind his persona. On the other hand, there is Veronica, a beautiful young woman and a model by profession on a sad day with many evils perpetuating into her life decide to end her life.

As said many times if the stars conspire everything will be random but unplanned and thus good things happen.  Both the souls meet and thus the magic wand of love showers its blessing. With unsaid feelings, unwanted events, and unexplainable events the author has weaved a good love story. What happens inside their story can only be unveiled when the book is read.

I recommend this book for every romance genre lover.

What I like:

1. The uniqueness in the plot-line
2. A woman and her feelings either happy or unhappy are described nicely.
3. Unconditional love is explained well
4. Difference between materialistic life and selfless life is expressed beautifully

What I didn’t like:

The story is very engaging and it was hard for me to find any flaws.


The characters of Veronica, Aditya, and others in the story are very coherently written. The strength and sturdiness each character portrays is absolutely overwhelming.


Sometimes terse and abstract narratives in a story make the reader in me very happy. Sometimes, a detailed explanation with a good emotional quotient allures me too. Such is the case here. With very nice storytelling the author has narrated the story in a rhythmic style.

Language & Grammar:

Simple language with effective vocabulary is used in the book.

Final Verdict:

A beautifully crafted love story with values


Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

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