Book Review: Poetic Letters to God by Shilpa Goel


Book Title: Poetic Letters to God
Shilpa Goel

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Poetic Letters to God’ is sensitive, heartening and emotional.

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is a rustic colored picture of a crumpled paper with the title on it and a rose flower. The image gives an authentic and vintage feeling.

My review:
After reading and reviewing some poetry books in the English Language recently by Indian authors I have realized that the words in a poem yield much more power than words in a story, even if it’s a very small feeling. The beauty of the poem is that with the usage of minimum words it conveys and expresses much more intensity than a story.

Shilpa Goel’s  ‘Poetic letters to God’  is one such poetry book which is very unique in the concept that I have read in recent times with a collection of beautifully written poems that will really touch the reader’s soul. The most lovable and remarkable thing in the book is that God is her muse. I loved how the author used beautiful words while penning down her thoughts in the form of letters that she dedicated to God. Her language is quite refined, uncomplicated, eloquent and soulful.

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The manner in which the themes of life, love, emotions, and relationships that she has taken into consideration is quite fascinating. The other novel point in the book is the word God doesn’t point towards any faith or belief system but to that one supreme power.

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From all the 70 poems listed in the book, the poems:
** I believe in You
** Your goodness makes you strong and suffering stronger
** Niceness is what your heart holds
** While cruelty is what your head beholds
** You Know I’m Broken, and
** Fall that Helped me Rise
are the most favorite ones in my mind. These are not only written with simple feelings but effective usage of emotions.

My Rating:

(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

This book review was first published in Storizen Magazine January 2020 Issue!