right under your nose by R Giridharan book review

Book Title: Right Under Your Nose

Author: R.Giridharan

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

Reading a good crime-fiction after many days has satisfied the reading hunger in me. As there is a saying that every clue for any kind of tricky problem will be right under the nose, this story built on this is fascinating and exciting. As an RBI person and a frequent traveler, it is wonderful to know that the author weaved a perfect murder mystery.

Right Under Your Nose by R. Giridharan

What to expect from the story?

Expect a story that stalls a group of scientist after one of the scientists gets killed.

Expect a story that gobbles the detective’s mind.

Expect a story that includes divine power interestingly.

Who can read?

The book is a sure treat for all those readers who love murder mysteries and crime fiction. The story has elements of technology, action, and good stakes of intelligence. The books are on par with many famous foreign mystery books. Thus, every reader can read the book, and as there is no obscene content, young adults who love mystery books can also read this.

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How good are the characters?

Apart from the main character, the male protagonist Vijay who is the detective, in this case, there are other characters who may be coined as important though guest. Each of these characters is given ample scope and space in the story—for example, Inspector Madhukar Dalvi’s character.

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How good is the narration?

The story is presented in the third person narrative and gives the reader a considerable scope to travel along with every character. When it comes to reading a crime-fiction, the narrative plays an important role. I like the third-person narrative in which a murder mystery books. The book is divided into wholesome sixty chapters, but nowhere a reader finds it tedious. Thanks to the wonderful narration. With a tinge of devotional or mystical power, the story narration becomes more interesting.

How good are the language and grammar?

The book has been written in colloquial English language with interesting terms that relate to a crime-fiction story. As the plot is stylish, simple, and flowing, the easily accessible language is appealing. Other than this, there is error-free grammar and adequate vocabulary used in the book.

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How good is the Author’s writing style?

With generous amounts of mystery in the plot and exciting story-telling, this book – ‘Right Under Your Nose‘ by R.Giridharan has some attractive writing. With most of the language being conversational and straightforward, the story flows smoothly. Giridharan’s writing and story-telling skills are much appreciated.

How entertaining is the book?

Mystery fiction is often a story that involves a murder, an identity of a murderer, a single or bunch of victims, and a scene. Here, in this book by author Giridharan, the story’s setting and set-up are impeccably perfect as the story starts with a murder and an accident. The central character, Vijay, who is a professional detective, deals with the case. The murder of the scientist and the woman’s death by accident are aligned, giving a thought if both deaths are inter-related. When there are a detective and a crime, the result would be a great roller-coaster ride of twists and turns, and finally, the case gets solved. If the case is solved unexpectedly or the story’s climax is a step higher in the thrill element, the book becomes a great entertainer.

Final Verdict

Amazing Thriller!

Rating: 4/5

(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

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